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Zula geometry


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I was playing around on the Morewood website and then noticed that you can change the axle to crown height and the website will adjust the geometry numbers accordingly. I noticed something interesting. When you adjust the crown height to maximum on the Zula, which would mean a 120mm fork, the head angle is actually a half degree slacker than the Shova set at the second longest setting.


The question now beckons, would that mean if I fit a 120mm fork on the Zula, would it display the same handling as the Shova? Would I be able to use it as a trail bike rather than a XC sled. (Trail being a very strong word to describe my kind of riding. More like the most conservative and weak ass trailriding known to man. No jumps higher than a knee and mostly smooth singletrack with very small drop offs, think everything in Eden except the big stuff.)


I know the review in Tread magazine mentioned that the Zula still have some downhill aspects to it. So would it be viable using it as a lightweight trailbike or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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The Zula is a tough bike but is nothing like the Shova. I purchased the ZULA, changed my fork fromm 100 to 120 and didnt really notice a difference. A mate put on a 130 and I have seen a 140. If you want the shova feel then get the shova. I tried using my zula as a trail bike but ended up getting a shova just for the trail feel.

If you comparing apples, the Shova has more clearance for tires and ground clearance. You can feel the strength and longer travel on the Shova, but both bikes are fun when used in there respective feilds.


The SHOVA eats everything up at Tokai and Jonkers where as the Zula is super fun on XC rides like the Burger and Sani (barring the tire/mud clearance issue)

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Thanks, great answer.


I liked the idea of having a lightweight bike. I will just wait for October to see the new Shova before buying anything.

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