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Which front derailleur type


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When you want to buy a Campag groupset you have 3 options with regard to the front derailleur:


1.) Braze on

2.) 32mm Clamp

3.) 35mm Clamp


What is the difference between braze on and clamp, and when do you need which? Also, if you then need to get the clamp version, how do you know which size (32 vs 35)?

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Clamp means that the FD is supplied with a ring. The Fd is attached to the seat tube by this ring that clamps around the tube. The diameter of the tubing is important and hence the measurements, which can be far more varied than just 32 or 35mm diameter.

Braze on means that there is a small appendage already attached to the frame specifically the seat tube (ear shaped appendage) which the FD will bolt on to.


This is a clamp on FD:

post-7990-015587000 1281879170.jpeg

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Thanks HeartCoppi for the reply. So for something like I have in the photo I should select the braze version of FD when choose the options at purchase time? (apologies for the blurry pic, I should just take a proper photo of that area of the bike)


post-15505-074596800 1281895464.jpg

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Thanks so much for the help. I have been riding bikes for a few years now, and to my shame I still know so little of all the technical stuff. I am now in the process of building up a new bike (well, only getting all the parts together so long) and would actually love to attempt to build it myself, so that I can "know" my bike, and take better care of it myself in the future. I fear I need a lot of help though :-)

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