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  1. Thanks for the reply. They should then take the triathlons off the list for now, until one can join for triathlon ... just to avoid some confusion.
  2. I have a question regarding the benefit as it relates to the IM events. I presume at this stage, that to qualify for an IM (or any triathlon) benefit, you'd have to be registered for both running and cycling? If you are only registered for one discipline, then you won't receive anything for completing one of the listed triathlons?
  3. In addition to the existing games going on, there is also a Hub SA league on www.velogames.com League code = 01165601
  4. Hey SpyDude, nice comments there ... "trails are infested with joggers" "runners are growing like a cancer" Just the kinds of things to say to help solve the problem
  5. As a trail runner (occasional MTB) I would agree that downhill type trails or any fast narrow section of trail cannot be safely shared between cyclists and runners. However, if it is - a narrow trail where speeds are not (cannot be) high, or - a wide path or road (like a gravel road) then it could possibly be shared. For sure some of the tracks listed in this discussion should not be shared. I do think signage and (runner) education will help alleviate the problem *somewhat*. I suspect most runners there do not actually know what they are busy running up, let alone what downhill biking is. There is no way I would run up a DH track Both runners and cyclists should be able to enjoy the outdoors on tracks that are "safe" for each party, which implies separation of some tracks and sharing of others. EDIT: Happy to pay for trails that are maintained b.t.w
  6. I broke my Colnago Master X frame, so can't come in style My Niner will have to make do.
  7. Perhaps slightly off topic, but with all the construction and pathways being upgraded in Melkbos, does anyone know if there is a cycle lane from Melkbos to Blouberg (on the coastal road) on the cards?
  8. Hope you are not taking vitamins and stuff. That would just be immoral.
  9. I admire your self-control. How do you do it?
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