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  1. Yoh, lots of crashes and mechanicals this morning. Looks like Haylee Preen is out with a broken wrist after a crash. 😪
  2. Tx M, will do so as soon as I can get one in my grubby hands.
  3. Is this item available locally, or must I go the import route? I want to upgrade my homebuild 10sp Gravel Grinder with the addition of a 10sp rear clutch derailer. I believe this little item solves the issue of the different ratios between the road shifter and mtb derailer.
  4. Thanks for that crucial piece of info. Will double check on that.
  5. Droo, they were bled by the LBS who did a lever rebuild for me on both levers. This was the first time I tried to bleed it after that. I undid the hose at both the lever and caliper and drain all the fluid from it, as well as the reservoir. It was clear and drained without fuss. The lever returns to position with a positive spring back, so I doubt it is a sticky piston. You might be on to something with the reach adjust, as I did not realize the importance of that. so I skipped that step. Will give it another try when I can borrow the bleeding kit again.
  6. I hear you, just struggling to get used to the "on/off" feel of the Xt's. The Guides is is a lot more progressive, I find it easier to modulate on downhills en switchbacks.
  7. That's the best suggestion to date. Luckily I have a backup brake set I fitted in the meantime. (Shimano XT's) 🤭
  8. Thanks Robert. These will come in handy, but I think I better take it to an expert for trouble shooting.
  9. These seals were replaced last year, and the bike was not used much since then (I've been very lazy this year, less than 2000km done on road bike and Mtb)
  10. Quite sure I have the correct lever and caliper, I mean I had them both removed and stood with them in my hands. No way of mixing them up.
  11. Guys, before I junk them, maybe some clever guy out there can tell me why my Guides does not want to bleed through from the lever or the calipers? I'm following the SRAM recommendations, using a proper SRAM bleeding kit, etc. My Guides started feeling a bit snatchy and spongy, and I thought a bleed might be in order. Following the instructions to a T, it does not allow fluid through from either the Caliper or the Lever end. It is rock solid, no matter how hard I press on the syringes. It resulted in my brake pads having no travel at all, and the lever is soft. Out of desperation I opened up all the bleed ports and drained as much of the fluid out as possible, hoping that a fresh start might remedy it, but alas, no such luck. Still no fluid going through from either side. PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I USE THE 10 POUND HAMMER.
  12. Jy kan my dik gesig net net sien uitsteek agter die ou wat omkyk net agter Samma. Blast from the past..... Edit: Ons het omtrent drie treilers vol speelgoed bymekaar gemaak op die uitreik.
  13. Ja, daar was so een of twee skoonmaak operasies na "upgrades" aan die forum. Baie threads is toegemaak, en al die fotos en posts wat op hulle was is natuurlik ook weg. Ek bly in Durbanville. Sal lekker wees om weer op te vang, het jou seker 2008/9 laas gesien met die "Santa Ride"
  14. Nie baie nie. Meeste is verjaag deur die wetteloosheid en gebrek aan respek wat pos gevat. Meer wil ek nie se nie.
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