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  1. E-mail received on 21st, documents requested immediately uploaded, no payment as yet. Dear Taxpayer INCOME TAX - REFUND STATUS Please note, your Income Tax refund for *********** is on hold due to your assessment being subject to audit for 2021 tax period(s). Should you have any queries please call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277. Remember to have your taxpayer reference number at hand when you call to enable us to assist you promptly. Sincerely ISSUED ON BEHALF OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN REVENUE SERVICE
  2. But probably still making more sense than the two clowns currently commentating does.
  3. I got both your DM's, and replied on the last one. Will send you a WhatsApp message a bit later on the number you supplied.
  4. Used to be in Corporate Cleaning, trying to get my own little cleaning Company going, but finding it tough in the current situation. Also used most of my savings (maybe a not so clever move) to buy the rights to sell and install a liquid rubber product similar to the well known Ecorubber, in Western Cape. Good product, good business model, but bad timing, as product can't be applied in the wet, for obvious reasons. Luckily lots of peeps are now wanting to have their leaking roofs sorted out, so lots of interest in my product and services. Due to the rain we're having, I'm unfortunately sitting at home, banging away at the keyboard, and not on roofs making money. Lol....
  5. All I took out of this, is that you lost your Job. Sorry to hear, especially in the current climes. I truly hope you have something to fall back on. I lost my job end of December (instead of the expected small Bonus, I got a dear John letter instead) Since then I've been looking for other gainful employment, with no success (too old, too white and too Afrikaans, lol.....) Still fighting with UIF to just acknowledge my claim or to give me an indication if and when I can expect a payout. Used most of my savings to survive up to now, and also trying to get a new business established. But hey, I've managed to keep all my accounts up to date, and food on my table, so I can't complain, there is a lot of people worse of than me. Best of luck for you going forward.
  6. Snap.. Exactly what I told him to do.
  7. Road or Mtb? Lol....
  8. He's still alive. Great to see you are still around Linnega.👏 Another "voice of reason" from the past.
  9. Sorry, then I'm not as hardcore as you. 🤪 That final section just before the split where you drop off into the Cobra section was quite rutted and around the sharp switchbacks you had to keep your wits about you. But hey, maybe my technical "climbing skills" are just not up to par.
  10. Pity that Spykers Climb had to be rehabilitated. Some of the steeper switchback sections were becoming quite a technical challenge. Finding the right line and getting around the corners were quite difficult without dabbing a foot down.
  11. 'Dale, I still chuckle to myself every time I see you contribute to the MTB threads. I distinctly remember trying to get you to join us on the trails, and you were quite adamant about your reason for not riding gravel/off road. But hey, I'm glad to see you are dabbling on the dark side these days, so no judgement on my side. LOL.....
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