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  1. Also used to do the "double" with my training buddies. Never took it too seriously and just went out to enjoy it. Routes got a bit congested at places, but then we just slowed down and enjoyed the time spent together on our bikes, as we started and finished together, always with the lowest (slowest) seeded rider. As a result, I have a few of those little trophy's floating around.
  2. There is eye witnesses who saw the biker overtake a beige Toyota Landcruiser on a sold white line at the time of the accident, so it seems the biker was at fault here, not the poor cyclist currently in ICU and with his bicycle hanging halfway up the cliff face against the retention fence.
  3. Where do you find 50mm wide Gravel tires? I found that the 38-40mm wide tires on my hybrid bike (hardtail Mtb converted to gravel bike) is just too narrow for use on anything but hard hardpack/tarmac. I rummaged through my stash of used Mtb tires, and found one Spez Renegade 29x1.95 which I fitted to the rear (measured with vernier, it is just on 50mm on my old narrow width Mtb rims I'm currently using) and it fills the rear out nicely and looks a lot more "correct" I've been scouring all the sites, and it seems 1.95 tires are impossible to find in SA, as the latest trend on Mtb tires is, the wider the better. And I'm not keen on importing tires myself.
  4. Did anyone successfully do a sub for the CTCT and in time? I released my entry and gave all my details to the person wanting to do the sub. He said he later gave up in frustration, as he could not succeed. Hopefully they will extend the sub period or open another window. Or just allow subs to be done at the expo, as in all the previous years.
  5. A few years back (can't remember the race} we were against a stiff SE on a rolling course (from Wellington to Klapmuts direction), and obviously the guys was starting to spread all over the road to get some shelter, but the Thinkbike Marshal (AZ was on his colours, I think) was having none of it. As soon as someone went over the white line, AZ pulled up next to him, and he was shown in no uncertain terms to get back in line and got shown a "1st warning finger". Should the same person transgress again, AZ pulled up next to him and showed/told him to fall to the back of the group. Third transgression, he got pulled over immediately and told to remove his race number and hand it over. It only happened a few times, and the rest of the group behaved themselves impeccably after that. All it needed was a short beep from AZ on his Hyabusa's horn, and order was restored. The roads was quite busy with vehicles racing to get to their destinations, but our group was controlled well and kept in check.. Admittedly this was in one of the alphabet groups (B or C if I recall) and not the racing groups.
  6. FYI, my entry has already gone to a worthy recipient.
  7. My e-mail came through at 17h05 today.
  8. That's a rather short period allowed for substitutions. ONLY THREE DAYS!?
  9. Many moons back when riding / racing upcountry, Winning Time was almost always referred to as Losing Time. Seems like nothing has changed in all these years.
  10. To be honest, the day that the "Opel Corsa Bakkie" gang decided to take my bike, it was over within less than a minute. I was ready to defend myself and my bike, but when perp no 2 came from my exposed side, I let go of the bike and they chucked it on the back of the bakkie and was gone. I could not even take my Pepper Spray from my back pocket before it was all over and the fat lady sang her aria.
  11. My own mantra. "Rather have a firearm and not need it, than need one and not have it" The attacks on cyclists are getting more violent and unprovoked. Not looking good for the pacifists/just hand over your property, lobby. I'm of the firm believe that these attacks at the hotspots will continue/escalate, until such time the perps are caught in the act and taught a good lesson before (or even invoving) the authorities. Who remembers the spate of attacks on Old Helz that was ongoing for a while, until the perps tried their luck with the wrong group of Mtb'ers and got a good dressing down. The attacks stopped immediately after that. And that is a fact.
  12. How I long for the "glory days" of cycling when we had two races over the same weekend. All those little gems of the South that are all lost now.
  13. Unfortunately, not. Too soon to sit in a forward crouched position for any length of time. Only allowed to sit upright after three weeks from date of procedure.
  14. Sorry to derail the current hot topic, but I must just feel a bit sorry for myself. I WILL NOT BE DOING MY 20TH CONSECUTIVE ARGUS/CTCT THIS YEAR. (would have been my 21st was it not for the two cancelled years) My goal was to do 21 in a row, and then close the Argus/CTCT chapter. I had an emergency Laminectomy last week Tuesday after a bulging lumbar disc almost completely squashed my Sciatic nerve. (whilst doing my morning ablutions and getting comfy on the throne before my ride😪...) So I'm basically bedridden for three weeks, then rehab and only after about three months can I slowly get going on the trainer again. But I must admit, the discomfort from the operation wound is a LOT better than that searing pain running from my glute all the way down to my calf. It was hell, I did not know how to sit, stand or lay down without the most excruciating pain. But fear not, I'll be back for no. 20 next year......
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