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overseas gift!


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Hi there Guys & Girls


I have scanned a couple of threads but didnt find exactly what i was looking for.


i want to upgrade my bike, if i get someone i know in the UK to post the goods to me are there ways to make it cheaper than if i just get the online shop to post it to me?

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You can still be charged for gifts if its over a certain amount (R700 I think but most likely wrong). Personally I would just go the legal route and declare, pay the 17% import and not have any nasty surprises by trying to avoid what is due to Ceaser.

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considering my password is somewhere along the lines of Fu(k5@r% i dont particularly like that idea.

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If you buy bike parts online from the UK and they get posted to the UK, you'll pay 17% UK VAT. You then run the risk of having to pay more charges when they land here.


It you buy bike parts online from the UK and they get posted directly here, you'll pay around 15.4% import charges.


Since you'll have to pay shipping either way (pay your friend or the store), it's cheaper to get it sent here directly. If you find a shop with free shipping (Evans Cycles over 50GBP, CRC over 250GBP) you'll save on that too.


The only bike parts that attract duties are complete bikes. SARS will get very suspicious of a complete bike sent as a 'gift' with low value.


Edit 29/3/2011: Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend Evans Cycles. Their customer service on my most recent order has been atrocious and I will never buy from them again.

Details here https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/101833-evans-cycles-atrocious-service/

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Yeah, Edman is right.


Goods sent within a country boundaries attract local tax, then been sent here will attract further tax in the form of VAT.


Your friend can send you a "gift" but the package must clearly state this for customs as well as a description and value of the gift.


The definition / value of gift is up for debate, if its something like a bottle of wine, a small curio, a book or such like its not going to be a problem, however SARS still has the right to stop and inspect "gifts" if it looks suspect or it has a high value, so, yeah, a bicycle is unlikely to be considered a gift by SARS, and its possible it will get stopped and the usual VAT applied.


SARS will also attach its own value if it deems the value declared to be "unreasonable" - in other words if your mate sends a wheel and states the value as $10.00 SARS will say its undervalued and attach its own value for the estimation of VAT and or duty - this can be a real headache as they can OVERvalue it and you end up paying more.


Postage or freight will remain the same anyway either way you do it.

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