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Help - Spoke length calc


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I have been to like 3 diff sites to help calculate the spoke lengths for a wheel build but not sure what values to enter, these are the hubs i have:






and making use of AM Classic 29" rims, the values on the rim are 29" and 598, 22mm


If anybody can help it would be great.



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The website you cite doesn't give enough info on the hub to calculate the spoke length for you.


The info you need for each hub is:


1) Spoke hole size - 2.3mm etc.

2) Spoke hole diameter for each flange.

3) Distance of centre of flange from centre of hub.


Further, for the rim you need the ERD or Effective Rim Diameter. This could be the figure you cite - the 596 (can't see it in this view now). However, some companies like Mavic and NoTubes have a warped idea of how to measure ERD and you can never trust a website figure. Best to measure it yourself.


Take the hubs and rim to a wheelbuilder and let him measure it all up for you and calculate the spoke length.

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