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  1. Well cannot recommend any specific coarse, especially IOS based. I can only give antidotal advise My 16 year old son started out doing a few Udemey coarse's then some Youtube and reddit resources. He now has his first game up on the Google Playstore and is busy with his next game (busy trying to do a game a month challenge) He uses Unity as his software compiler which has the ability to compile both for android and IOS.
  2. A little private Job I eventually had done. I bought a Hofner 185 Bass sometime ago, it was, to put mildly in extremely bad repair. and after stripping and evaluating everything.. I decided to keep only the neck and replace or make everything else. and then the bright spark hit me.. why not do a matching set bass guitar.. I got a piece of ash wood drew up the body, modified it to suit a guitar and asked to have it machined at work.. well on miday they eventually did.
  3. Compressed air, Part of the setup is a little compressor. the Keg is not your beer keg, it has a bladder and a plastic container, so the air goes between your container and the bladder squeezing the bladder and not mixing with the wine, really cool system.
  4. It Runs in non/low pressure 25L kegs and uses compressed air to squeeze the wine through a chiller and then to the taps.
  5. and after many months of back and forth, we finally have a finished Product
  6. absolutely loved it.. awesome, just a pity I got to the end...
  7. Most of the CW shows, (Batwoman, supergirl arrow, flash etc) have woke ideology taking precedence over a decent story line, character development, etc hence why they suck. batwoman was especially bad at this, where she had to tick all the box's woman, lesbian, etc. hell even the actress had to be lesbian to play a lesbian.
  8. the sad part is that is for a service counter in a wine bar caravan.....
  9. thank everybody for the replies. finally did get confirmation it is Kiaat. as to why the client is unhappy..its poor workmanship from the woodworker we paid to have the job done with.
  10. Hi its been laminated, client material that was sent out for lamination , and was rejected afterwards due to poor joinery its difficult to take a the full length photo due to size 4m x 450mm but here is a the other end and same wood different plank
  11. Please help, I need to Identify this wood, I'm Assuming Kiaat. we have a fussy client who rejected this piece and we need to replace it,
  12. Well Heres a song just for you
  13. after reviewing my comment.. It seems to be a wee bit snarky.. sorry, I'm trying to be better I have a Issue with big corporations trying to be a moral Compass, the 2 big companies in the news this week for their moral stance is coco-cola (less white), and Disney (Gina Carano Firing)
  14. or maybe try keep up with popular culture, here is the real story.. BE LESS WHITE SAYS COCA COLA
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