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MTB service checklist (anyone have one?)


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Does anyone have a checklist to use when doing a full service on an MTB perhaps with tips on adjusting etc. per item where necessary?


Just wondering as it would be nice to be able to tick off each thing as you go ...... to ensure that you don't forget anything.


Interesting I have never seen such a thing (like you show you when they have serviced your car ...) at a bike shop!

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Since no-one answer, let's start a thread:


1. Gear cables replaced

2. Gear cable housings replaced

3. Brake pads checked

4. Brakes bled

5. BB serviced

6. Wheel hubs serviced

7. Headset bearings checked

8. Frame checked for cracks

9. Rear Derailleur pullies opened and cleaned

10. Check chain wear

11. Seatpost removed and cleaned

12. Pedals serviced (If possible)

13. Fork serviced





Threads greased.

Parts cleaned

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Maybe also check the saddle, clean the rails, grease bolt with number 11

I also read somewhere that once every six months or so a drop of oil on each spoke nipple is a good idea.

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Check tire sealant, check rims for cracks, check fork seals. check tire wear. torque bolts. check chain wear, check cassette wear. set gears. check limits. check cassette lockring. check crank bolt torque. check rotor bolts.check rotor thickness. align brakes. lube chain. grease derailer springs. lube derailer pivots. Clean and lube skewers

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for full sus, check rear shock bushing play, check suspension linkage play, and motion.


Check rear derailer hanger.

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Thanks for going to the trouble to list these guys! I am sure I am not the only person that they are useful to!

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