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  1. Geez, what a race and what a finish, especially by one Josh Kato, catching the 2 leaders during the last night and then riding away from them. With the top 4 beating the record it shows the class of the field. Well done Alex, hopefully you'll be back next year!
  2. 4 Days, 20 Hours in and the leaders are closing in on the 1000 mile mark. Alex still in a solid 3rd, slowing eating way at the relatively small gap. Seems the 2 guys in front split up after riding together for a while. As it stand the record is under a lot of pressure, with a bunch of guys in front of record pace.
  3. Above the map there are a couple of tabs, Main Map, Leader Board, Race Flow.. etc. Select Leader Board there, then sort and filter as required. I see the positions of the other top guys have not updated in quite a while, as per the "last update" column - over 4h for the Seb character. So guessing Alex is still in 4th ish, 3h behind the race leader as per their Lincoln splits. Go Alex!!
  4. Ja, the map can be lank confusing. I rather check progress on the leaderboard, and sort it by route mile..
  5. Some might know that Alex Harris is busy racing the Great Divide against what seems to be a very strong field. Some context regarding his attempt: He gave himself 3 years to try and break the record. In 2013 he “scouted” the route and came 3rd. In 2014 he was forced to pull out after falling though unseasonably thick snow and buggering up both his ankles fairly early on. So this is his 3rd attempt at the record and he’s giving it horns, but so are the 3 guys ahead of him. Live tracking: http://trackleaders.com/tourdivide15 Alex is averaging just shy of 350km/day. After 2d17h30min he’s done 936km. Funny anecdote: Before he left I spoke briefly to him and asked about trail conditions up north, esp night time temperatures. He said, ja, it can get quite nippy, but 3 days later you’re 900km’s away and the weather changes. Netso.. Lets try and get some hub support going.
  6. Paarden Eiland.. Sure he can taste the Champagne by now.. Would have loved to ride in with him.
  7. Thanks Quintonb, Sorry, I should have been more clear, that pic from my post is the closest I could find online and is not the actual bike. The only Shimano component on his bike is the rear Hub, 600. The rest is all Campag, and it looks SERIOUSLY old. The pedals are completely ruined though, only the axle is left of what appears to have been toe clips type pedals. My thoughts are to try and arrange a win-win situation: Get our gardener another bike and some cash in his back pocket by finding an owner who will do justice to the bike. Geez, here is the exact frame for $499 http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-VITUS-979-55-CM-RED-ANODIZED-BIKE-FRAME-SET-/271595193808?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f3c55c5d0 Wonder what the local interest will be.
  8. Ransom story, my dad asks my to look at the gardeners bike (An upstanding guy by all past experiences, and being Malawian he was a bike, until he ships it home, then gets another..) because it's got a flat and he cannot figure out but it looks "funny" and tubeless. I make inquiries and realize it's a tubby, but by my dad's reckoning it's a very old and dated bike. Long story short, it turn out to be a Vitus - 979 maybe, with near full Campag Brev components. Record frons hub, Shimano 600 rear. Ambrosio rear rim. Campag seatpost, might still be the original seat.. Bike is in pretty good nic, needs a clean, but the chainrings and even the original campag brake pads seems good. Wheels have a number of broken spokes, but that's the worst of it. My phone is buggered, so no pics, but this is more or less it: Is it worth anything?
  9. Ok, let me be that guy.. Does it take tracks? And if so do you have to use that terrible abomination called Basecamp? Or, to confirm my suspicions, did Garmin peak with the 705 ito a adventure biking GPS?
  10. So I’ve committed to a long time dream of mine – to go on an ultra distance cycle tour. Whilst still trying to wrap my head around the enormity of the trip a buddy sent me the link to an insane competition - Blackburn Design sponsors people to ride the Great Divide in a brand ambassador type arrangement, which happens to exactly be the first leg of my tour. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I can almost feel the start aligning on this one. Part of the selection process is submitting a video, and this is where I need a lot of help from Thehub community. Please watch my video. Show it to your friends. If you think it’s absolute rubbish, show it to everybody you know and have a fat laugh at it. Whatever you do, please get the view count up. If you like what you see, follow me on Instagram (retief_joubert), and check out the juicy pics I’ve taken while cycling and motor biking around SA/Lesotho/Swaziland. I need to convince Blackburn Design that I've got a decent social media footprint, and these two aspects will be used. In short: Click the vid below, and you’ll have helped me chase a dream. Good for you!
  11. Mini Hi-jack: If someone decides to upgrade, please let my buy your old 705. Still think it's the best off route navigational GPS out there. Thanks
  12. Normally when looking for trails my first stop is Garmin Connect, purely because I cannot be bothered with Strava/Endomondo. There you'll find the tracks for popular riding places/races, but you'll be lucky to find lekker trails in the real fun areas. I do a fair amount of "adventure biking" which involves a huge amount of time on Google Earth checking for footpaths and cattle tracks and then scouting the routes.These routes are nearly always in homelands (RSA, Lesotho, Swaziland) to get round land access, ironically where some of the best riding occurs. I'd love to share these routes and tap into the experiences of others. But it will take a bit of work to be able to take, say, my routes and package them to the point where anybody with a GPS can just go and ride them and not get unstuck.
  13. My substandard light setup could very well have tarnished my night ride experiences to date, but I've never really taken to it. The "tunnel vision" effect gets to me. Purely personal experience though. Sure 2000lm from multiple emitting points will be a complete different ball game, alas, I've never been there.
  14. Some days I knocked off at 1pm after a long lazy lunch in the sun (Damsedrift and Willowmore) when the next SS was withing reach. I was really just touring, ticking of the miles. Not only did I dread navigating at night, it seemed like a waste to not being able to see and thus experience the route. Eg, the ride over the ridge into the Ntsekeni vlei with boisterous herds of wildebeest must be one of the most breathtaking views from a bike. You don't get that at night. Agree 100%. Massively simplifies logistics as well.
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