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  1. Lol...if you wondered what My BB is like...(cycling related...!)
  2. I think its for that manky Capetonian, Scott riding cyclist who apparently spits all over everyone....😀
  3. I think if its not fenced off you cant really enforce any kind of control as there are no visible boundaries? Then again fences and gates are also 'walking' off these days as well.... These tappets tend to spin it up crazy style around corners on the trail and it causes massive damage.. Then the rains come and before you can say WTF, its gully avenue everywhere... I know guys ride from Kdump to Randfontein to Magalies and back towards Kdump via the Cradle area again. Some have support groups that follow in the cars and then these guys braai and party wherever... And in true
  4. After seeing a load of scramblers yesterday afternoon messing up the trail where I live I can understand the farmers point of view..These off roader muppets are now everywhere around here on weekends...They just annoy everyone and do FA else...... On the plus side it seems that the fatty quadders have been reduced in numbers since COVID.... Unfortunately a over used right hand and aggressive tyres just destroy the route...They dont care though...they think they are bad asses😀 Ive also seen wire stretched across the path at chest level as well. For bikers or cyclists or pedestrians.
  5. Crazy stuff... Police shot a driver accused of hitting at least nine cyclists during a road race event in Arizona and leading officers on a chase Saturday morning, according to authorities. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/officer-shoots-driver-accused-hitting-least-8-cyclists-arizona-road-n1271438
  6. Not been down this path since the start of black jack season sadly but I took a ride out there today as some of it has been cleared... It appears Magalies is not a place for those Maxed helmets......😀 A nice warm ride before a weekend of cold again....
  7. Best to carry the passport though....impromptu border controls to keep the 'smarties' out can occur at any time on the West Rand....
  8. "Even out Randfontein side"... What are you saying here? Lol...
  9. Lol..I would have thought just inhaling it was the best value for money?
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