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  1. If you headed west from Magalies along the railway servitude to the main dirt road then you need to be aware that the Koesterfontein area is full of Zama Zamas now...Ive not had issues but I will no longer cycle out there as its pretty isolated and the cops in Magalies will never find you...Lots of old mine shafts out there...Used to be old mine gear, cocopans and stamps and all sorts back in the early days...Anyway... You could take the railway line and then about 3km out of Magalies on the right you will see a dirt road leading to Rietpoort, you can cross the tracks and the R509 tar road and you can take this dirt road all the way to Vlakdrift and then from there head down towards Naaupoort.. Or you could just cross the Koesterfontein dirt road and continue on with the railway line servitude which will also take you up to Vlakdrift, parallel to the R509...
  2. If you dont manage to get the pump for the weekend let me know...sent you a message as well...
  3. Is this the race that went down the N14 from Cradlestone Mall to the Oaktree garage then down the R563 to the turn off to the caves? If so this was a bit of a pigs ear when I drove past at 7:30 and again heading home again at 8:30... Cyclists all over, on both sides of the road......marshalls flapping their hands about in vague directions and no-one bothering to pay attention anyway...cars just turning in front of cyclists...cyclists that look behind them then veer off in the opposite direction...Add to that the crazy speeding muppets on motorbikes..... You are way braver than me to do these events on the roads... ๐Ÿ˜…
  4. Seems to be the norm these days in SA...(apologies if already posted, I may have missed it) https://www.news24.com/news24/southafrica/news/drunk-cop-arrested-for-allegedly-knocking-over-killing-cyclist-in-vanderbijlpark-20220206?fbclid=IwAR0HNqEOTOoxlAFABi3vwVfOriOxPwMWZjkY_Mebgyg4tbFt4UQa3i9jaU4
  5. Mine says Threadlocker 242... I remember that as I used to listen to a metal group called 242...!
  6. Confirmed with 10 minutes of spannering about... the Ultegra WILL NOT fit on a MTB..... ๐Ÿคฌ
  7. Products Grades Weights Formulas Supported Shell Widths BB-R9100 DURA-ACE 65g Threaded 68mmใ€70mm SM-BBR60 ULTEGRA/105 77g Threaded 68mmใ€70mm BB-RS500 TIAGRA 92g Threaded 68mmใ€70mm SM-BB93 XTR 73g Threaded 68mmใ€73mm SM-BB80 SAINT 95g Threaded 68mmใ€73mmใ€83mm BB-MT800 DEORE XT 95g Threaded 68mmใ€73mm SM-BB52 - - Threaded 68mmใ€73mm
  8. Thanks, Im also seeing that it appears the threaded section is shorter? I specifically asked this shop if they had stock of the BB52 before I made payment... ๐Ÿ˜’
  9. I have those Shimano hollow tech cranks, I usually use a BB-51 but cant find one... I found a BB-52 at a bike shop and bought this.... Shop has now told me they dont have the BB52 but are sending me the Ultegra BB.... They say its the same fit and uses the same tool.. Can anyone confirm this please? I dont want to wait a week for my delivery only to find the crank wont fit...
  10. Chuck it. I would not be happy riding that if it was to be repaired..... I wasnt too happy about the small crack in my (also Momsen๐Ÿ˜) frame, it was welded...it failed...
  11. I see you stay in Dundee...I did a few years a DHS back in the 80s....(I stayed in Dannhauser) Isnt there a co-op there? I use a cheap red water soluble degreaser from them...Its around R120 a liter and you just dilute it...works great.
  12. I suppose it depends what you do with that dirty old paraffin.... Hopefully not chucking it down the drain.... ๐Ÿ˜€
  13. Years ago when I had my 4x4 I was very excited to hit up Sani Pass... I wasnt so impresed when I got to the top and realised Breedts nek was actually more challenging! ๐Ÿ˜€
  14. Dont let them fool you into thinking it can be welded...Been there...got that stupid shirt...(Up yours Momsen.๐Ÿ˜) New frame or your money back if you still have warranty available...
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