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  1. What happened to the thread with the helmetless kid? Lol....I thought it might go......πŸ˜€
  2. Is there a local agent for Cotic or is it basically an import yourself setup? Those Cotics always look lekker with the small diameter tubes and not this wide and flaring and tapered looking stuff bike frames seem to use these days..
  3. I would say thats a crack...bearing is probably dry and lack of proper movement caused stress in that area?
  4. Shockingly brilliant service from both Rapide and Courrier Guy...Ordered and paid for my stuff yesterday at around 3pm....It was collected and delivered to me (in an outlying area from JHB) a few minutes ago (expected delivery Monday)....During the process Rapide keeps you up to date on the parcel.... I wish a certain company that handles bike warranties had the same practice and courrier...I would have been good to go for a ride now!πŸ˜†
  5. Maybe adding some polyfilla to the bike might make it more durable in the hills..
  6. I did ask for some before/after pics....Unfortunately only got the after pics....I was curious to see how that crack looked under the paint... Anyway....They just need to touch up the paint and then send it back to me....
  7. Just the ones in the Cape I think....πŸ˜„ (thats a joke before the easily offended folk on here kick off!)
  8. Leatt Corporation is a great South African business success story. It is a global powerhouse in protective wearables and has seen strong growth over the last year. The Leatt story began in 2001 when Dr Christopher Leatt witnessed the death of a fellow motorcycle rider. https://mybroadband.co.za/news/business/410160-south-african-company-whose-share-price-increased-by-1700-in-15-months.html
  9. Ja but it is a Specialised so it doesnt matter how old it is.....Its just awesome regardless.,...πŸ˜€
  10. To be fair I wasn't overly impresssed with TWT 4 years ago...I think its all about not spending if possible, pacifying the customer as cheaply as possible and then moving on to the next complaint...Rinse and repeat.
  11. This is just my take on this as an 'unqualified' spanner boy...I've used that red rubber stuff before (on car and bike) and it just creates gunk when it mixes with the suspension oil (maybe there are better quality ones...mine is a cheap tub from Midas)...I cried and ponied up for the the SRAM butter (bought from Cape Multi, took a couple of days to get to my rural village) and the difference is literally night and day...I stripped my Recon right down about a month ago and spent an afternoon servicing it....I probably used a bit more than a tea spoon worth on reassembling....There is enough there to do several full services.... Its well worth it....
  12. You tried these guys? https://capemulti.co.za/product/park-tool-ppl-2-polylube-1000-lubricant-tub-copy/
  13. I also know a few Ford mechanics....(lol...I had a Mazda and we had an issue with Action Ford some years ago, wound up helping the mechanic reassemble the carb he had stripped right down)
  14. Dealing with TWT....I sent Momsen an email as well as a message on Faceslap...But heard nothing.... I also used to like Domsen😁 Not anymore. Not worth taking the frame at the price it was offered...Only R1500 less than what you canbuy it for online... Then I still have to try to sell it etc.. Not too keen on TWT either....last time I had to get the manager involved but that guy is no longer there...Everything always has to be a fight...Over it now. My own fault for not insuring properly.... Anyway...frame was collected this morning for welding/pratley puttying......lol....
  15. Still be stronger than a Momsen.....lol.....
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