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Fixie culture comment…


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And just for BigBen…


Similarly, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross neatly summed up the entire process of mourning with her famous "Five Stages of Grief," which are: Denial; Anger; Bargaining; Depression; and Acceptance. (These, incidentally, also happen to be the "Five Stages of Purchasing a Specialized Bicycle.")

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I dig this quote:


"Do they really ride the most dangerous streets in America, or do they simply make regular streets dangerous by riding like complete idiots?"


I don't mind the fixie craze, although I don't quite get the current fixie culture. To me fixies were defined in the movie Quicksilver from the 80's. If the current fixie guys haven't seen it, I suggest they watch it to find out their true roots.

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I'd dig a fixie, but it depends on where you live. If I lived near the waterfront in cape town, it would be nice to take a ride down the street for a coffee at the waterfront or take a ride to clifton or so.


Even stellenbosch would be a great place for a ride, but up here in gauteng it doesn't make sense. I'll get one for training though

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