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  1. True story, the poor Blouberg folk with swimming pools end up with half the beach in their pools once a week.
  2. Rust is the least of your problems. Moisture doesn't have time to sit around in Cape Town, because the wind sends it up the coast by the time it's 100m above the ground. The wind is what you should be scared of, really really scared.
  3. I recognise that building, spent some time there myself. Hope you get your bike back.
  4. Seriously? That's like saying all electric cars have to look like a Prius. I'm keen on an electric bike for commuting, but not if its going to make me look like a granny going to the shops. I want my electric bike to look like a Colnago C60. I couldn't give a crap about the sport side of it, I gave up on that years ago. Pro sports is as credible as the tik industry in the cape flats, whether it's drugs, electric motors, or mini jets stuck up their backsides, if there's a way to cheat, they are going to cheat. That's a guarantee.
  5. I wouldn't mind one for commuting. I live 45k's from work and 90k's a day is too much for me to do day after day.
  6. Every bike shop should have a tension meter to make sure the spokes are evenly tensioned. Manufacturers like Easton use acoustic tuning:
  7. Oh, they do save lives, there's no argument there, but where do we stop with this helmet nonsense, because more people die from falling over their own feet than they do riding bicycles.
  8. Exactly. People falling(not off bicycles) is the leading cause of brain injury in America, by far, yet cyclists have to endure the wrath of the do gooders who should be wearing helmets when they go to bed because falling out of bed is quite big cause of brain injuries and death!
  9. It's not stats or science, it's simple logic. If you have a car accident and you suffer a fatal brain injury, your life could be saved by wearing a helmet. Why are you not jumping up and down about it and going onto car forums complaining about car drivers not wearing helmets?
  10. What he is saying is 100% true. In fact what he's saying is that you are an absolute moron for insisting that cyclists MUST wear helmets and not drivers of cars. Wearing a helmet in a car will almost certainly prevent head injuries and death in certain accidents, yet no one would take this issue up with drivers of cars. Why not? Its a life saving device, and in South Africa you are way more likely to be involved in a car accident. So, if you don't wear a helmet in car, you are just as dumb as the cyclist who doesn't wear a helmet.
  11. Are you sure that's not just a generic press? Looks a bit overkill for pressing in headset cups, unless you want to shorten the length of the head tube at the same time :-)
  12. I read somewhere that the Merida Fulcrum wheels are a special build using the Racing 5 rim with the Racing 7 hub and spokes. Or the other way around,cant exactly remember.
  13. Don't worry, people have listened and have stopped riding because of stupid helmet laws.
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