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Rear shocks. Boffins welcome


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So I might be getting a new frame, and need to get my own rear shock.


Im still riding my Trusty FOX RP2 which I got on my first Raleigh frame and the thing is still good! Indestructable it seams. Its been 5 years ! My Blur came out with a 5th element, Which I rode for a short time before swapping it for my Rp2 as It had lockout. It was slightly smoother and somehow a bit more supple. but the local 5th element backup is non existant so I was advised to let it go with my old frame.

As I will be going from a 135mm VPP frame to a 100mmXC type setup (non VPP) the travel will probably feel even less. Im afraid because I dont know how it should feel (100mm) I might not be able to pic up if the shock is limiting the frames capabilities.


One thing that Im quite aware of is the Valving in shocks, this can affect the way a shock works bigtime! EX. If you put a shock valved for high leverage ratio frames for like a Giant anthem, on my Santacruise blur which has a highish shock position-lower ratio and pressure, It will most probably feel like a Rubber Damper of the old days because its meant to work at higher pressures.


Im looking the Manitou radium RL, The Fox Rp2, the Xfusion 02 RC and the Roch Shox monarc 4.2 Shock on CRC , the last named has C and D "tuned" Options, I take it Its got something to do with valving? Valving affecting the Compression damping most importantly but might also do the rebound


I can also Ge tthe RP23 which is more tunable than the RP2, but might be keen to try something new.


What are your thoughts & experiances buying a shock ?. Was it cool for your frame? If not can one have it custom valved without huge expence?

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