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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I may just do this. As Drew suggested. Hope it works. SRAM cassettes are not cheap! Coming to Witfontein Enduro Drew?
  2. So, to my question. Do you guys think it will skip...? I'd like to pull the trigger on the above.
  3. Yes. That's it. I don't ride much flat or longer distances, mostly straight up, and straight down. So like I have said. I have 2 gears that get a lot of use. I cant really go up size on a chainring as the hills are either to steep, or I'm to weak but I hardly ever touch my 10t Even for R750 its a fraction of a full new drivetrain, which I will have to put off until bonus time later this year. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/chainrings/494189/sram-30-thoot-chainring
  4. Sorry, I left out some important detail. I want to use a different size chainring... I want to go from a 32 to a 30T. As I've said, there are one or two teeth on the cassette that's got far more wear than others which will get worse to the point that the chain will eventually skip on the cogs that I don't often use, while the ones that gets used on every ride up the same climbs wears the whole system down. I have two chains at 0.7 which I can keep rotating. My thinking is, If I change the chainring, I will get away with using the cassette and chain a bit longer. I don't care about the chainring that will wear down quicker. they are relatively cheap in comparison
  5. OK, thanks guys, So, there is some method to the madness. Because of the specific routes we ride over and over, our cassettes wear unevenly, so I actually want to extend the life of my cassette which extends the life of the entire drivetrain which is big $$$ A chainring however, is R250 -350 on classifieds.
  6. Hi Guys Something I've never really dabbled with .. I don't want to start a new thread. My Chain is at 0.75% can I still put a new chainring on or is it going to skip?
  7. Dude you deserve a medal for just getting people out there last year, I was seeing double at that stage anyway, and probably @Chewbacca as well! 100% Blind means its mostly even for all for the serious competitors, like us 😁 but more importantly I think it adds to the anticipation and excitement since none of the out of townies, and probably only one or two locals would have ridden it. Just building some hype here.πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ
  8. Yes! That was my undoing on Stage 5 as well. I missed the split, and went what felt like off course. I was having the blinder of my life down the first half, 1s behind Savage, and then I hit ACDC and got lost.. got off eventually before some ladies shouted that I must just keep going.. of well. #Unfinishedbusiness!
  9. I'm busy booking accommodation and its either walking distance from the venue to soak up the event, or somewhere at the sea, Vic is not a bad option. Those stages were Stage 2 (DMC) and 5 (The 2 Cross) I remember dying up the climb to 2.. (after stage one was just a bit of a aperitif, this is where things became real.) There was a point we had to get off and push, and I was like what the heck is this.. and then I heard "Rider"..! and the sickest muted sound of a rider ripping down that grassy grippy high speed track.. Suddenly all the hurt in the pins was forgotten and everyone who witnessed that was filled with adrenalin. The question that flies through the mind is, how fast am I going to allow myself to go! Stage 5 was much of the same. Some kids thankfully warned us about "a section beyond a pilon where it drops off and gets pretty steep".. Holy molly.. I hit that section going pretty fast and half way down realized I could not stop. Thankfully my line was good and I made it through but the stoke was just unbelievable. I'm sure stage 4 will be in there again. (THE DH) but this is speculating.
  10. So Chris, Friday 17th September is still friggen far out.. Just tell me those high speed rogue sections that scared the shizer out of me while pushing up, is still on the cards? I had Saturday at home with the kids and ended up tearing my fork apart in prep for the race as I haven't touched it since. If you have kids and busy life, that counts as the pre race service. It feels so shweet now, And my buildup to this race is officially starting!
  11. 😊 ja was struggling a bit there. Francoin was pushing. But somehow still ahead of me 🀣
  12. So amped for this. Have been putting in the miles as to not die 1000 deaths up to that mast again.
  13. Nice looking bikes. Well thought after spec and modern Geo. Seat tube angle looks pretty steep for a HT? Not sure how that will pedal along on long flats. Well done Titan, I hope you have plenty of stock
  14. Wide range 1 x cassette Dropper Post Rear shock with lockout/pedal mode Lower/ single crown fork Might not be cheaper, but Sorted Wont be fun to climb unless you make it worse at going DH. Its been said. Get a 26'Enduro
  15. So not sure what you weigh, and what level you ride at, but there are pro's and cons to both. Obviously personal preference would render some of these pointless or not. Pros C1: Replacement bladders are commercially available. More tunable platform (shim stack tuning) Cons C1: (RC) Firm stock tune, overdamped for most. Dated looks? then Pros C2 RTC: Slightly easier to service?(need the kit) Stock damper tune is softer & pretty perfect for me (70kg). Lockout options. Looks nicer. Cons C2 RTC: Replacement bladders are not widely commercially available (although shockcraft NZ seems to have them. You will however have to see if they will sell you one) Non tunable platform (shim stack tuning) I don't know of a lot of charger bladders that blew up (C1 or C2) unless people tinkered with them. I got the newer 2019 one when my old bike was stolen and after initially perhaps riding it to firm (air pressure) and blaming it on the damper, I adapted to settings very close to the recommended and removed all volume spacers I have now been on it without wanting to touch the settings for a year.(D3 air spring) I just dial in some LSC when I ride smoother bikepark (Hellsend) tipe tracks, and when I ride dirtroads I take the LSC off for the suppleness on top. Jonkers, somewhere in between. I would always pick underdamped over overdamped, as the airspring makes waaaaay more difference. In my opinion, most folks never touch their HSC unless they race. Anyway, thats off the topic. I don't know bru. I do use my lockout when climbing out the saddle on smooth roads, but both forks have that. The trail option is really not worth the effort they put in to try get there. Tough call bru, Luckly its not mine!
  16. I think The ARCH should have been at 30mm and the FLOW just a more sturdy version thereof or 35mm...
  17. Some Bad news from the French cup. The Two Commencal Muc_OFF Arguably the most exciting to watch, Amaury Pierron and Thibaut Daprela.. have taken themselves out.. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/amaury-pierron-airlifted-from-french-cup-dh-race.html But to get us into the weekend vibe for Les gets.. Here's a bit of a preview of the Legendary French track.
  18. Whoop whoop, Im there.
  19. All I can say is that was one hell of a first episode! That run of Daprela..he was so aggressive in that top half. I cant believe he stayed on... a name to be watched though! If he didn't stall in the woods he would have smoked everyone, although I am very happy for Troy. How can one not be. Theres a lot of hungry, fast French riders at the moment. Going to enjoy seeing the usual heroes trying to keep these talented young guns in check. Vergier and Vali was my fantasy league top pic. It wasn't my best.
  20. Racers must be thinking.. a week ago all I wanted to do was race... Now this.
  21. There are only 200 fricken teams out there.. which one is ours?
  22. Sorry If its been mentioned somewhere. Are we doing a fantasy league, and if so, what's it called - password etc.
  23. Looks like a Blur.. 🀭 I still think the Tallboy is where its at.
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