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Flat Bar or XC Deuss Riser bar

Clint Adams

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Its kinda personal preference.

I like the shape (rise & sweep) of risers more than flat bars.

But then I had to invert my stem & remove spacers below the stem to drop the bars down.

My mate on the same bike is sticking to his flats.


Risers lift you up a bit and are supposed to offer a bit more control because of their width

Flats drop you down for a more aggressive position (XC racer)


Theoretically, you could achieve the same postion with spacers and stem orientation.

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the rise is not that important cause you can get the same rise using a spacer and a flat bar.

what will change is going from a 66cm riser bar to a 58cm flat bar.

the flat bar will quicken your steering, sometimes make the bike a bit twitchy.

the wider bar is a bit forgiving..

change it and try it..

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