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Avalanche or Felt


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My girlfriend needs an entry level MTB, she has never ridden before, she will be riding on places like Teak and Northern Farm. Should she buy this Avalanche for R1800.00 http://avalanchebicycles.co.za/bicycles/mtb/atx_250/

Or should she rather just spend some extra bucks and buy this for R3000.00 http://2009.feltracing.com/09-catalog-south-africa/hardtail-mountain/q-series/09-q220-int.aspx

Money is a big issue but I don't want her to buy something that is rubbish and then have to try and sell it to upgrade.

If anyone has other suggestions then please post them.


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Bought my son an Avalanche Max - 20". It needed a part after a while and after a few trips to LBSs and a call to the distributer I was told the part can't be gotten, they don’t have stock and wont get it for me - straight out.


So his next bike will something else - probably a Silverback - still good value and parts not problem.


I therefore recommend the Felt if their after sales service is good.

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I would say from what I have seen here in Bloem the felt range is a bit over priced.


Look at options from silverback, KHS, Merida there are many brand have a look on obike.co.za there are some great bikes at good prices there.


Right now I would by for value for money better parts at a lower price.


LEt us know on what you decide

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The reason I was looking at the Felt is that it is last years model, it normally sells for R4300.00 and it is going for R3000.00 new so am thinking it may be a good deal.

I was looking at getting a Silverback Alpine for myself, 2011 model for R3775.00.

Anyone know what the 2011 prices are on the lower spec models than the Alpine? Maybe my girlfriend can consider a Silverback.

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If she goes the cheap route then this is probably better than the Avalanche ATX250, the front fork has a lockout and according to another post I was reading the 2011 price is R2350.00 http://www.silverback.co.za/2011/stride.jpg

I don't know anything about MTB components or which is better than the other so everyones input will be appreciated.

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