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IT resources required

6th Mass Extinction

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Hi All


I can't seem to find that thread dedicated to hubbers offering and seeking work, so posting this one.


Anyway, two IT positions available:

1. DB2 DBA - contract

2. Delphi 7 developer - Permanent, up to R50k but you gonna have to be damn good.


PM me if you fit the requirements and are looking.





PS, if you have to ask what the acronym is, you not suited <_<

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Sheesh, Delphi , still exists? Haven't heard that name in a while. You should be able to get someone, not sure about the experience though.

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Up to 50k for a Delphi 7 developer, boy I'm underpaid.

Although I'm now a C# developer, I could quickly happily convert back for that kind of money.


But, I can't give up the mountains and sea even for such good money.

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