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DH chain guard??


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Here is a pic of the bottom of my chainguard. Frame: Morewood Izimu (07?) It seems to be fitted directly to the BB. If i want to order another one from CRC how do I know what size fitting to take?




And how does the ratio of a 36t in front and an 11 to 18 at the back? (9 spd)

post-8222-074906500 1284122845.jpg

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modern frames have tabs for affixing chain devices to so-called ISCG tabs.

there are two types: ISCG old and ISCG 05. You dont seem to have any tabs.


So, you have two options:

1) a BB mounted chain device as LDF correctly stated, or

2) get a chain device that requires ISCG tabs, but then u require an adapter which has the required tabs.. The adapter fits onto the BB, and the chain device gets bolted onto the adapter. Each manufacturer has it's own adapter plate.


I'm familiar with E.13 chain devices, so here are links to the adapter plates:

E.13 ISCG old adapter plate

E.13 ISCG 05 adapter plate


Once you have chosen your adapter plate, then you choose your E.13 chain device accordingly. Just ensure the mounting tab requirements for the chain device are matched to the adapter plate. Not all of E.13's products include adapter plates, even if the CRC link states so. Had one bad surprise like that.


ANother brand i like is Gamut. Here is a link with products for BB mounted, ISCG old and ISCG 05.


There are other brands, just as good as E.13 or Gamut, but probably cheaper. So have a look. Hope that helps. :)

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