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  1. AWESOME! Regarding Tokai, have the Uplifts the last sat of every month. On the day of the uplifts have a poster stating there will be uplifts today. People will learn very quickly… and can actually plan around it if they cant stand the idea...
  2. That's where I crashed! Saw that uphill, and tried to get asuxh speed out the berm as possible, next thing I was off course, with a Lekka little forward flip to grass grab! Only thing I was thinking get back up!! And then oh **** rider behind! Was so out of breath just getting back on my bike was hard! Good times!
  3. Regardless of some of our inabillity to ascend like helium filled balloons... I do look forward to the next event. If the major reason Enduro is growing and getting so much focus, where XC and DH riders, plus new riders starting the sport, can mix, compete and have fun making EVERYONE fitter, faster and happier. Then it's already working for me! I now have a goal , and my 2nd race to race. I hope to see you all there! (ill be the guy on the izimu, with newly added granny gear )
  4. Well according to my strava. Elevation gain was 1060m. Now imagine having to carry 20kg of bike, 2kg water and 90kg of man to the top of Table mountain (starting in Hout Bay Harbour) Thats basically what I did.
  5. I went off course in stage 1 (overshot the berm), and crashed in stage 2 (OTB) and Stage 3 (slid out into one of the hard Switch backs) Im so unfit too tho, and all that uphill really killed me on my 20kg Izimu... Its only my 2nd week back on the bike after abt 3 years AND Ill hopefully see you all at the next one.
  6. Taahir!!! You beat me by one place! Dammit!
  7. My Izimu has an adjustable rear shock mount, which changes the head angle, currently have it set up on its steepest, for my first enduro . On its slackest setting you can forget about climbing anywhere.... ever.
  8. Im there! NOT looking forward to the 5am mission through though...
  9. Stellenbosch. Unfortunately it's private at the moment... Wish I had made it for WP looks bloody amazing! Not happy
  10. Hey Capricorn! LOONG time. Remember when we used to build up there A couple of years ago! I might revisit this arvie, does the trail start at the same place? same route? Switch back, into small drop off, then rock garden straight down into road drop, then left berm over big hump, into right berm through trees to cant remember the rest?
  11. http://youtu.be/JRwXku3nM1c
  12. Went back to tokai today. It was wet and very muddy. But was so worth it!!! Managed to do all the jumps this time. And reall love how the 3jumps flow into the berms an drops. On side note, tokai is awesome when it's wet for propper mud training. A completely different experience from the usual dust.
  13. im one of those "less is more" guys. Really like the "look" ove the low profile seats, plust it shaves a few grams, lol. But seriously, I think the low profile seat makes sense, we hardly on the seat. Its really just there to grab with your knees on big jumps and prevent your bum from scraping the back tire on big drops... Om looking for a new seat now. BUt price wise, MTB seat prices are ridicoulous!! Why are good BMX seats so much cheaper. Want to get the Giant fade seat and its only R180!
  14. to add to the "debacle" Seat Size? Weve seen the trends from massive mx style seats decrease in size to tiny xc style. I see some of the riders above use tiny thin seats, while others the fatter standard seats. Why the difference?
  15. Lol, yeah it's not really a gap, but the only jump that's not a table, the one with the wooden crate to prevent xc'ers from rolling it.... I slide out through the sandy right hand. So start at left of road gap- across jeep track - then small roll in into jump into berm - into table top - then peddle into long sandy right which hits the "wood crate gap" that's where I'm breaking and losing speed. Will be there Sunday! Any one else?
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