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Lookin g to buy a MTB???


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I ride a Yamaha YZ450F offroad motorbike as a hobbie and I am looking at doing a few enduro races next year and possibly even try to compete at the Roof Of Africa which is 1 of the top 5 most difficult and extreme races in the world. I have been talking to some riders to find out some more information regarding their fitness and training and most of them recommend cycling, mountain biking to be more specific. I am not looking to do any MTB racing just looking for a decent bike for fitness.


So now I am in the market for a bike, I have been advised to get something with front and back suspension but to be honest I am not looking to break the bank. I don't really have a budget in mind I'm just looking around to see what's out there, I'm prepared to spend a little extra if it's worth my while.


Please can anyone provide me with some information and advice about what brands I should be looking out for and what brands I should stay away from. I also need to know what size bike I should be looking for and what speed I should go for? I am 6'2" and I weigh about 110kg's.


Please understand I don't know anything about mountain biking so any information or advice would be appreciated.

If you are selling something let me know what you have and what you want for it and I'll definetly consider.


Thanks in advance!!!

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MTB is just as complex as offroad motorcycling and is the same as in you get what you pay for . You are looking for fitness and you will find it on a MTB hence the reason why so many OffRoad motorcyclists ride MTB .Being fit costs effort , image costs money but always buy the best you can within reason .Do not go and buy a chainstore special but there is no reason why you should not buy one of the more reasonable ,Mongooses, Silverback . Schwin,s,Raleighs whom have come out with a very competitive range of bikes for 2011 . Am an ex MX rider with a number of top Motorcycle Riders in the familly all of whom train on MTB,s so if you are serious you will not go wrong on a MTB .Welcome and good luck

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I am your weight (although somewhat shorter!), bought a 2009 GT Avalanche 1 for R6500 in Feb (Xt derailer, Deore FD, Suntour fork, Augria disc brakes, shimano hubs and WTB rims, FSA crank and SRAM chain, M520 pedals, the saddle was rubbish mind you!). Done near on 4,000km now. I would aim to spend that sort of cash maybe? Remember your shorts are probably around R400 onwards, same for a decent shirt (quick drying really makes a difference), shoes from R600 or so, a helmet is from R400 or so, pair of gloves around R150, camelbak around R600, set of lights just so the other road users see you around R200. All the bits and bobs that make it more comfortable and safer cost a bit on their own as well.


A dual suspension would be softer but then again I have read that you need to alocate a lot more money for maintainance but I suppose its relative to your riding style as well. I ride in the Magaliesburg area, its pretty rocky and bumpy but the hardtail is fine (and was all I could budget for).


You say you are not looking to do any races, I think you may change your mind! It keeps you more motivated on the bike if you have some goals.

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