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  1. Juding by the amount of dirt roadies I see through my village and outside the local Wimpy (lol) on a weekend, business must be good!
  2. I did message Momsen on FB half way through this mess...: "Best place to start is the Dealer who you purchased it from. All info is on the Momsen Bikes website too" 😅 As it always seems to be...once you have paid... You are on your own.... (if you go through this site there are a good few complaints on Momsen/TWT....history just repeating itself here!)
  3. Lol...the attitude of Momsen/TWT ) is just shocking....I must wait until they get that POS back to PE! Maybe they think I want to keep a broken frame...😀 R10 says this AL129 Grey in colour will be floating around the classifieds soon....(if you see one check the seat stay/seat post area!) Wouldnt suprise me in the least if I dont get get paid out... Thanks for the email. The refund request has already been sent through to our accounts department. As soon as the frame arrives in our PE Warehouse the refund will be processed. Update from Kargo National Couriers with regards to collection below. As below, by the time this collection was allocated to the driver yesterday he had already gone past this area so he will collect today. I will let you know when it has been collected
  4. What winds me up the most is messing me around for payment and simple answers from TWT. 2 Weeks now....Thats a South African attitude all right! Momsen lol...
  5. I think the hope was for it to last another 12 months then its totally my problem! The guy who did the repair told me he had worked on aircraft doing welds? 🙄😆
  6. The section between the two white lines is absolutely terrible...! I rode this with a mate a few weeks ago and conversation soon turned to swearing and asking whose idea it was to take this road....😆 If you have any loose fillings....good luck!
  7. I did but the inception date was too late. 🙄 So if you do own a AL129 then make sure you have cover...according to TWT there are no frames so there will be no replacement for you.
  8. My choices were: 1. Repair 2. Take a payout 3. Cough up more money and take the steel frame and cough up even more money again to get it rideable (new rear wheel etc) I havent had full time work for quite some time so I opted for the repair to save some money...Lol..my mistake.... I did actually speak to the welder who performed this fix and he sounded as though he knew what was going on as I had also spoken to a metalurgist mate and the guys I worked with at a tool and die factory so I had an idea of what to ask... Whether or not the area was correctly treated pre and post welding is another story though..No-one will ever know for sure......But they have you up against a wall really and they know that hence the poor scenario thats played out here....I was offered R2500 payout on the frame...R2k on the frame and R500 for the assembly...No worries about what the cost would have been if I wasnt able to strip the bike down and reassemble myself.... I have now opted to take the payout, I was going to take a steel frame and just sell it on but bugger that. Then its another problem for another poor soul! TWT couldnt even tell me if there were spare hangers for the replacement frame as well.... Lol..Fanks but no fanks mate... Anyway...lesson learnt...Some of it was my fault anyway...Make sure you have the right insurance to cover you in a case like this...
  9. Sadly I quite enjoyed my 4 years on that AL129... If it wasnt for the dismal service I would have continued... I just dont need this headache and battle being repeated when the next frame breaks...
  10. And thats why I WILL NOT take another Momsen frame, the level of service from TWT is absolutely shocking and utterly pathetic, They took a whole week with no comms on what they were planning on doing..I was going to take the STF frame but today opted against it as I may have other options...so I asked if I can get my refund ASAP so I can move forward...Now they wont pay until the broken frame has been collected...FFS It seems the customer must just suck it up...Good luck if you own a Momsen.... I think its a sign to sell all this cycing crap and get into my new hobby of shooting things!😆 Hopefully cheaper and less things to break...
  11. I agree....Anyway lesson learnt.... You can see how far in the seat post goes..
  12. Raise your hand if you said this would happen again...Less than 150km...Now the talk is I didnt have the seatpost in deep enough.,... Momsen can kiss my behind! POS bike...😆 Forged in the Untamed South Africa - And broken in the Magaliesberg.....
  13. What happened to the thread with the helmetless kid? Lol....I thought it might go......😀
  14. Is there a local agent for Cotic or is it basically an import yourself setup? Those Cotics always look lekker with the small diameter tubes and not this wide and flaring and tapered looking stuff bike frames seem to use these days..
  15. I would say thats a crack...bearing is probably dry and lack of proper movement caused stress in that area?
  16. Shockingly brilliant service from both Rapide and Courrier Guy...Ordered and paid for my stuff yesterday at around 3pm....It was collected and delivered to me (in an outlying area from JHB) a few minutes ago (expected delivery Monday)....During the process Rapide keeps you up to date on the parcel.... I wish a certain company that handles bike warranties had the same practice and courrier...I would have been good to go for a ride now!😆
  17. Maybe adding some polyfilla to the bike might make it more durable in the hills..
  18. I did ask for some before/after pics....Unfortunately only got the after pics....I was curious to see how that crack looked under the paint... Anyway....They just need to touch up the paint and then send it back to me....
  19. Just the ones in the Cape I think....😄 (thats a joke before the easily offended folk on here kick off!)
  20. Leatt Corporation is a great South African business success story. It is a global powerhouse in protective wearables and has seen strong growth over the last year. The Leatt story began in 2001 when Dr Christopher Leatt witnessed the death of a fellow motorcycle rider. https://mybroadband.co.za/news/business/410160-south-african-company-whose-share-price-increased-by-1700-in-15-months.html
  21. Ja but it is a Specialised so it doesnt matter how old it is.....Its just awesome regardless.,...😀
  22. To be fair I wasn't overly impresssed with TWT 4 years ago...I think its all about not spending if possible, pacifying the customer as cheaply as possible and then moving on to the next complaint...Rinse and repeat.
  23. This is just my take on this as an 'unqualified' spanner boy...I've used that red rubber stuff before (on car and bike) and it just creates gunk when it mixes with the suspension oil (maybe there are better quality ones...mine is a cheap tub from Midas)...I cried and ponied up for the the SRAM butter (bought from Cape Multi, took a couple of days to get to my rural village) and the difference is literally night and day...I stripped my Recon right down about a month ago and spent an afternoon servicing it....I probably used a bit more than a tea spoon worth on reassembling....There is enough there to do several full services.... Its well worth it....
  24. You tried these guys? https://capemulti.co.za/product/park-tool-ppl-2-polylube-1000-lubricant-tub-copy/
  25. I also know a few Ford mechanics....(lol...I had a Mazda and we had an issue with Action Ford some years ago, wound up helping the mechanic reassemble the carb he had stripped right down)
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