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  1. Have a look at the Good Year range launched in SA recently. Better value for money than any other tyre out there. Performance just as great and even better.
  2. Theoretically you can also run slightly lower pressures on a gravel bike!
  3. Hilton I bought mine through Feathertec in Pretoria. Johan van Greunen. Where do you stay?
  4. I have been using Panzer inserts in both XCO bike as well as my gravel bike. Best product in my opinion. Lightweight and it has saved my bacon. I also use their sealant! Probably the best stuff I have ever used!! https://ridepanzer.com/
  5. As stated above. Cycles United will be the only stockist of Cube as I see it! No more Norco.
  6. Your local Cycles United shop will stock them. They will be the only shops if Cyctec is the importer.
  7. I hear there was some positives at this years Epic.
  8. Thanks Fanie. So who was the last 4? The ones above Burger?
  9. I hear a local Vet/Master XCO rider was caught recently? Does anyone have details. Just the rumour mill but where there is smoke!
  10. Thoughts that comes to mind regarding this is! Don't really care about anything where CSA is involved!
  11. As far as I know mid to end July stock will arrive. You can pre-order the Goodyears on the Orim Global website and it will be delivered to your local bike shop when they arrive in SA. https://orimglobal.co.za/
  12. The bottle opener is part of the package I got! So yes its included.
  13. The race was ok on the gravel bike. If I ever do it again, which I highly doubt I will do it on the gravel again.
  14. I want to share this accessory I used for the first time at Cullinan2Tonteldoos. It is a bracket that you can use to attach your race number/board of your bicycle. You can use this on any of your bicycles but it is intended for mtb's and gravel bikes. I saw this product was used by a few teams in the Epic, Pyga Eurosteel for one as well as Lachlan Morton. It works great. No more cable ties and number boards against the handle bars. http://moundt.com/?v=edb5dc74af1c
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