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  1. Been using it for a while!! Very nice and easy to use!
  2. Thank you. Appreciate it.
  3. Can anyone point me in the right direction! Who currently imports Cervello into South Africa?
  4. Indeed. Varia was developed in SA and Garmin bought IP and the Varia was born. I have been using the Varia since the first generation was available in SA. The best piece of equipment one can get yourself. Never leave the house without the Varia. I recently acquired the new model with peloton mode. What a nice upgrade.
  5. Where can I get orange seal?
  6. Sunday afternoon rides.
  7. Very important is to take the outer as well as the lead attachments on the lever and the clutch arm with. These differ from bike to bike.
  8. Just take cable to place that makes brake and clutch cables. Many around that will be able to help.
  9. @Andrew_Smith you are correct. The Akrapovic pipes makes the HP2 breath and sound so much better! Its an awesome machine. In my opinion one of the best bikes ever built by BMW.
  10. Had some visitors this week end!!
  11. Its always a good time to hone your mechanical skills!
  12. very interesting bikes the G450x. Once sorted its a great bike. But like you say. No one wants to work on them and if you ask opinions its always negative.
  13. I have seen a few. Use this form to contact Omnico for assistance. Warranty Frame Form (cognitoforms.com)
  14. G450X. Nice bike. One of the last models. Ohlins back and front. Great bike once sorted.
  15. Not all that Fantastic but yes I see what you did there! Must be all the Harley Good vibrations!
  16. Nope. No stick. That is BMW's own fantastic design!
  17. Some normal bikes again!
  18. There is a area at Redbarn where Trail bikes are allowed and have some obstacles.
  19. Updated picture with some orange in it!!
  20. One for you @Andymann Quite a few extras added after this picture was taken. Not even 1000km on yet.
  21. What!! Did you buy a HD?? Why?? Haha just joking. Enjoy your HD. Motorcycles rule and they are all cool!! Really does not matter which bike you ride. Its the attitude of the rider, probably goes for cyclists as well. Many safe miles.
  22. Recently picked this BMW up!!
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