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  1. Hi Guys... will send you Matt de Jongh's details in a PM - he helped me out with importing my COTIC.
  2. True... but I still love my (older) Escapade which I've had for a while now... It "forced" me to hang my Road and MTB cycles on the wall, since I use the COTIC for both styles of riding
  3. What about the COTIC Escapade? http://www.cotic.co....apade/escapade/http://www.cotic.co.uk/product/interface/escapade/gallery_loose/wide/escapade_40151479991.jpg
  4. Just my 2 cents.... Look at the COTIC Escapade http://www.cotic.co.za/shop/escapade/escapade/ http://www.cotic.co.uk/product/interface/escapade/gallery_loose/wide/escapade_40151479991.jpg
  5. Hi GaryW The track (or at least sections thereof such as the GREEN) is perfect for newbies . Come buy this Saturday (17/2/2018) for the open day at the track - it would be the perfect time to take a look at the track and meet some other riders with newbie riders the same age as your kid...
  6. Hi Guys The Riverfields MTB Trail will be holding a open track day Saturday the 17th... You are invited to come and experience the newly completed 17km Red course... or simply enjoy the existing 10km Blue and 3km Green Trail... Race Snakes!!! Come claim the Strava KOM, currently held at 43:28, between 06:00 and 08:00 on the morning... and then calm yourselves down to give the kids, wifes, newbies and more relaxed riders a go between 08:00 and 14:00... There will be prizes up for grabs, pancakes and boerie rolls for sale as well as some demo bikes available... Entry, as always, remains FREE... but donations towards the security and upkeep of the track will be the primary purpose of the event... For further information please contact Conraadt (PAINcave) on (ZERO)8249(ZERO)4875... See you there!!!
  7. Hi Drikus. PM me your number and I will add you to the Riverfields WhatsApp group, sure you would find a riding buddy there - being situated in Glen Marias and all. I'm in GM myself, but am sitting in my PTA office by 6am already... Also maybe check out the Riverfields MTB thread under forums, not sure if you are a road- or MTB cyclist.
  8. Hi Guys After my (un)spectacular crash on the track in December last year, I only revisited RIverfields this past weekend.. oh how the legs burned... . I was pleasantly surprised by the Christmas presents left on the track by Riverfields/Finishline .. They managed to 'scrape' about 90% of the existing blue and red sections, and added a lovely new section to the track... The new section (marked in black on the image) is just under 6km (bringing the total distance of the track up to 17km on a single loop) - complete with some pups, rocks, drops and other obstacles to fall off of ... Riding my cross, I was forced to get off and carry my bike over 2 short sections, but managed it through and over the rest... that said, don't attempt the new section at speed if you are a beginner or not familiar with the track See you on the track, and enjoy the new addition(s)...
  9. Awesome idea!!!!!!! We will definitely run it by the NSPCA-guys
  10. Hi FF We are still busy sorting out some of the logistics... and possibly making it more accessible (as per some of the awesome suggestions from this group)... If you are keen on joining, please let Meg (comms@nspca.co.za) know. Regards C
  11. Jip, the lady's name is Meg ... you can contact her on comms@nspca.co.za for jerseys (and other Q&As regarding the team)
  12. HiHi Yes, they are available... Contact Meg (NSPCA) on comms@nspca.co.za, she will help you out with a jersey...
  13. Hi Guys The Whatsapp group is up - to easily join, you can just scan the below QR Code with your phone (using Whatsapp or a QR Scanner)... This will cause you to automatically be added to the 'Riverfields MTB Track' group on Whatsapp... You can still send your number via DM if you want to be added oldschool See you out there
  14. Great idea!!! I'll start one and invite the riders I know (please just remove yourself if you are perhaps invited and don't want to be part of the group). If you are keen to be part of the group, please DM me and I'll add you as well (don't want numbers flouting around on forum posts ). Just one rule (for now)... Since allot of these Whatsapp groups are misused, the group must please only be used to communicate relevant information about the track, events and rides... so please no inappropriate or irrelevant posts... I am sure everyone would agree herein, so don't be offended if you are removed (should you join that is) due to OT posts ... Have a great day and see you all on the track soon!
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