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  1. I think you pretty much nailed it, utterly disappointing !
  2. Yip, pathetic performance !!!
  3. Then really his manager should have communicated this to him, look like the Dutch don't like talking to each other .... 😂
  4. Anyone know where I can stream the 7s rugby, doesn't look like SS is going to air our game against Kenia at 12:00?
  5. You forgot to say Rishaaaard Carapaz ... 🙂
  6. Imagine how good he would be on a proper bike and not a "half" one .... 😂 (only joking)
  7. He certainly doesn't appear to be the typical arrogant POM dumb ass.
  8. I'm shouting for Woutie all the way ... 😀
  9. Must say Pidcock is surprising the crap out of me ...
  10. **** just saw his fall, eina, that was a bad one !
  11. Unfortunately just start watching, where is MvP?
  12. Bottom line, the Dutch screwed it up big time .... Well done to Kiesenhofer!
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