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  1. Thanks so much for your help guys. I really appreciate it.
  2. Hi guys, I have a friend who bought a second-hand mountain bike for around R2000, which came fitted with 700 x 40C road tyres. One of her tyres needs to be replaced and she was quoted around R950. She uses it very casually on the road and never on the mountain. Are there any other options she should look at before spending all that money on a tyre for an old bike? I spend that much on my MTB tyres, so I know it's not a crazy amount. It's just a bit unreasonable given the bike and its use. I'd really appreciate any help.
  3. Three years. My God. Life is cheap.
  4. Spot on. I work right next to Church street where the illegal immigrants defecate and piss directly outside the entrance. I'm so sick of it. It's totally unacceptable.
  5. Sjoe some really funny chaps on this thread. Can't wait to hear more about the sun and or cream.
  6. The spray stuff is super greasy. Not a fan.
  7. I'm still confused whether the Deore cassette will cause damage to the freehub body. If so then SLX is the one for me. But Deore is obviously cheaper.
  8. Would it be fine to use the 11-42 version with 2x10? I've currently got the standard 11-36.
  9. I'd be more than happy with Deore if it's just a weight penalty. I heard something about some cheaper cassettes digging into the free hub body. Are there any risks like this? I see this one on Chris Willemse but its 11-34 instead of 11-36: SHIMANO DEORE HG500 10 SPD MTB CASSETTE Otherwise there is this one but doesn't look like Deore: SHIMANO HG50 10 SPD MTB CASSETTE
  10. Hi Guys, I'm a newbie looking for advice on picking between two cassettes: SHIMANO SLX 10 SPD CASSETTE (HG81) SHIMANO XT 10 SPD CASSETTE (M771) I don't care about weight, I'd just choose the more durable of the two. I plan on using it with this chain: SHIMANO XT 10 SPD CHAIN (HG95) Any help would be very appreciated.
  11. Also keen to hear the details. It will help others to understand how random it was. Very easy to pretend things won't happen to you.
  12. Thanks for the thorough feedback, Dave. I had already bought a 10 speed cassette and chain so I wanted to try find the cheapest option to get the bike up and running smooth. Otherwise I would have gone the upgrade route. I managed to find both SLX chainrings for a total of R499 so it worked out in the end. Not sure whether my bottom bracket will need replacing though.
  13. Thanks Marc, I've managed to find both rings online and will just replace everything at the same time, as you suggested.
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