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  1. And thats why if riders from C.T come race above do they almost never have the correct gears on, any national event should the riders have the gears at least, meaning actually always. That is how it is written at UCI as well. Its only perception on riding open gears, etc, etc...
  2. Thats because the commissaires are not using roll-in and do not know the gear ratios that is allowed out of there heads with the various roll-in distances. Wich is partly understandeble with the various tyre size one also get which make it difficult to put to memory with all those tables. The ruling is that ones bike just must be able to roll-in to the dist as set out above with the link. Overseas riders come here with 53 on there bikes, but there cluster is put together so it does roll-in at the correct age dist. The old ruling of 52X 14/16/17/18 has fallen away for about year allready. I have also seen very few local youth riders with 53 on there bikes that do roll in.
  3. Oh, most bike shops is supposed to build one or get one for you.
  4. Look at this link... http://www.gnc.co.za/Home/commissaires The gear ratio's are to help with development of the youth riders structure (bones and muscle and joints probably most important). The standerd for u/14 is 52x17, but one can have other gears, as long as one role in to the corrct distance.
  5. Hi Kobie Been struggling with connection issues for 6 months. In my area it is known by network suppliers that i should expierence problems, go to your network provider website and see whats your main signal in the area (looks like you have vodacom and they show it pretty clearly), set your settings to it and you might expierence slower connection, but more consistant. I also see that you are in MP, try rather network like mtn in those regions, get far better signal. Then you also get network enhancers, they help a lot. You get ones for home use and companies...but the ones for companies is very expensive. It has nothing to do with your modem, just the quality from your network supplier.
  6. Good race, pretty well organised regarding route marking and people around the route, eetc. Bunches are to big for racing catagories though, but its a difficult thing to organise with a road as narrow as this and with the amount of cyclists being part of the event. Think bruce have a good idea, but the road is to narrow for this, but moving it to the R59 may just work perfect for the idea. One of the bigger dissipointments today is seeing people on the route, loosing it and swearing like crazy, showing fingers, etc.... this is all uncalled for. Some races is difficult to control, but manage as it is and make the best of it and take problems up with the organiser instead.
  7. Guys....and girls This is becoming a mudslinging between many and tcs which is uncalled for. There isn't much to say anymore surrounding the story, except for the parties involved themselves if they feel neccesary. If you read the whole topic everything is about there, just get a life and read. All you guys are doing now futher is to piss off certain people and cause them to hate this place and cycling in general which is not proving anything. Why not rather have debate with CSA on why we handle pos dope cases like we do in good old RSA.Witrot2009-01-20 01:57:37
  8. Dam dis nice om die souties te sien stry oor nonsens... ...thanx for popcorn topic turlek
  9. FourFeet. At the end of the day its the organisers call who gets what. For him its about getting advertising with the pro's and getting the fun riders for numbers. If you don't like it, don't race, race funride, or elite ladies or stand-up against the specific organisers at races. My personal opinion from what i know of the vet ladies, yes, they sometimes do deserve prize money, especially from what i seen at 94.7 last year as an example....but then theirs races which i would put a question mark on giving prize money as the ladies attending is not up to standerd on those specific races.
  10. Sorry...not to be rude...but i can't see how you compare solo and group rides together with methods of use like HR, power, cadence in the same classification? You ride either solo or group ride....and then by training solo or in a group you use either HR, Candence, power or combination
  11. You looking for any kind of mtb racing riders or specificly more elites or vets, juniors, ladies, etc??
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