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  1. So what the heck are you still doing in SA??? Get out and don't come back until something is done about the security in general, all the mall shootings, cash in transit heists, armed home invasions... Seriously dude, this is SA. 1 incident in a year is brilliant, let alone 1 in 4 years
  2. I recently adopted a tail with a kitten attached... Pippin has taken him under his wing as his minion... Gizmo Pippin with his minion
  3. I had a similar issue in january. The specialist who spent a good 30mins in consultation before scheduling op and then more time pre and post op plus follow up charged less than the anaethetist. And the latter offered a whole R150 discount to the r2000 I had to pay in, or to pay over 3 months. Needless to say I made the bugger wait for the money rather than taking the "discount"
  4. slowpoke

    Who remembers?

    Still always say I live down the road from the white horse inn. I iust can't bring myself to call it by its new name ;-)
  5. As a few people have correctly said you NEED to report incident to saps asap. Make sure to include description of driver and passengers in your statement. She might well be dumb enough to try nail you for the damages to her car but lie entirely about what happened and if you didn't report incident she will be given benefit of the doubt (right or wrong that is how our legal system works) Do go for physio because a haemotoma like that will not heal correctly on its own. You might think it has until a few years down the line you get permanent issues due to the scar tissue. Glad you are not more seriously injured and hope the b1t6h is found and made to pay for hit and run as well as damages to you and your bike.
  6. Another dnf to my name :-( stage 2 was too much pedalling for my training and no downhills to recover killed me. Managed just on 10km of stage 3 before I had to bail.
  7. Spaaidy, I am no climber. Heading back up through those tunnels... I seriously don't know if I'm going to manage that :-(
  8. :o There goes any chance of me doing this remotely comfortably and my chances of finishing just dived I do NOT like this route change at all. I was so looking forward to this weekend. Just wish they'd have given us advance warning, such as before entry fee and accomodation were paid :'( Guess I'm just going to have to accept a high chance of dnf and enforce the "judge not those who have tried and failed..." approach.
  9. i24, it would depend on the lab making them I guess, but my inserts are a high density plastic and have been sent flying and stomped on by my small little 35kg mutts and they are fine. I've also had my share of tumbles with no issue. Not using protective specs runs the risk of road/trail debris getting in your eyes, so even folks who don't require vision correction should actually use them.
  10. Plastic inserts. No way my optometrist would do glass for outdoor and sports use. Not cheap cos they are a very high density plastic, but worth every cent.
  11. No pics on this tablet to upload, but gautenger cyclists know both of mine... yellow sv650 and white dr650. DR is in for repairs and don't like using sv in to town... been feeling a tad caged. Hate using the car this much.
  12. I am very happy with my Rudys with the inserts.
  13. I have sent an email to Cyclesue to clarify about theft from house, wendy house or hotel. I'm off to Kremetart next weekend and need to know if I have to go buy a lock (an cement and hook to do some building in b&b room). I have also asked for clarity on hijacking... I often cycle alone up the road to my meeting spot and would definitely put life and limb ahead of bike if faced with a gun or knife.
  14. If you can do the 94.7 you can do the Kremetart. The trick is to pace yourself on the first climb and then find a decent bunch to stick with for stage 3. As spaaidy says, it's definitely the highlight of the year.
  15. Please keep spreading the word until this piece of filth is back in custody
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