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  1. Had an issue with my Rider 20 last week. Went on to their website and contacted the support guys. Had a reply with a solution to fix my problem 2 days later. support@brytonsport.com
  2. The RS800 is only compatible with the Wind sensors and the coded HRM strap. If you want bluetooth you will need to change to a Bluetooth Smart Polar devise. One thing I am very pissed about is that they have not incorporated ANT+ on their watches and computers. This limits yoir possibilities. In the market for a new computer and have to change to Bryton, Giant, Cat eye stealth EVO plus.
  3. With you on this one. Been using the H24 range for almost 4 years now and have no intention to change. Prolong and CR7 during rides and the rebuild ones post training.
  4. Bike: MTB Hard Tail Bontrager Inform RL Like: Yes Tried many saddles and find this one the most comfy (for my bum). Must add I have the 154mm width which made a huge difference.
  5. Leonard


    Some of my sets from my younger days. Still have all of them and in their original boxes. Then bought this one for my son last year. Still sealed in the box. Bit risky giving this to a 3 year old so will be put away untill he is old enough to build this.
  6. Was just lucky. Bought from a guy on OLX in Klerksdorp. Don't think he realised the value of this or what he was actually selling. Wasn't going to help him right either. Bargain is a bargain.
  7. Got me this today. BBB Torque Wrench. Best of all. Paid R150 for it plus R65 delivery by speed services.
  8. My latest addition. GT Zaskar 9R Elite Frame. Custom spray joj from BogusOne. Custom built to my spec as well. Nothing standard on this bike. Bought the frame, had it resprayed and slapped on the build kit and groupset I wanted. Made some more changes from when this pic was taken. Crank was changed to an SRAM XO Carbon crank. New Carbon Handlebar.
  9. Here is my latest purchase. GT Zaskar frame with custom paint job by Bogus One.
  10. PM Mr Look. He is the man you are looking for. Look agent in SA. https://www.bikehub.co.za/forum/user/1871-mr-look/
  11. Second Timefreight. Use them often. You can also try MDS colivery. Used them a few times as well.
  12. Or you can get the 104BCD spider from Evo bikes. Not on their website. Just drop them a mail if you want one. They received stock about 2 weeks ago.
  13. Let me check if I can get some Pillar double butted ones for you. Will pm you if I can get them.
  14. Can't post any reply in the classified section from my mobile phone or tablet.
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