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  1. We will update this article as more info becomes available, likely on 1 April.....🙃
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  3. Canoeing's application to be allowed at level 4 has been nixed: message from Chairman of Canoeing SA "Unfortunately this request is denied". That is the message I received from SAMSA this morning in reply to our application for a relaxation in the level 4 restrictions, allowing us to return to the water in a limited capacity. They continue by saying; "While Level 4 is implemented, we cannot allow this. Gyms are closed and although exercise is limited, the request from government is to limit this as much as possible – only walking, jogging and cycling is permitted within the surrounding area of your home".
  4. Distance from mount point to rim is going to be the issue. You can probably find some old long-reach calipers - someone onthe Hub would probably have a pair lying in a box/drawer collecting dust. I actually have a fork that would work perfectly for you but lockdown an issue...
  5. He might be able to fit some calipers on there - would be an interesting exercise
  6. A pair of 700c or 29er wheels with 28/32c tyres has pretty much the same diameter/rolling circumference as 26er wheels with MTB tyres. I did a similar build with a Spez 26er hardtail & it worked fine. I did use a disc frame though - your problem is going to be the brakes - the rims of a 700c/29er rim won't align with your cantis.
  7. I will (partially) agree with you that the mortality and morbidity numbers are inflated - non-symptomatic carriers are not being tested which skews the data. The severe morbidity rate and mortality rate in the general population are probably about half of the rates that are being quoted for DIAGNOSED cases. This is supported by the lower rates in countries that have tested extensively. But even at half the commonly quoted rates, a 10% severe illness rate (hospitalisation), 2.5% very severe illness rate (ICU/ventilation)and a ~1% mortality rate are still nothing to sneeze at (pun intended). Since you are supreme in your invulnerability as a young person who thinks their risk is very low (sacrifice the older generation, they've had a good life already and they are not economically active anyway?) let me give you a little food for thought. The pattern of illness that is emerging from Italy and the USA is that the rate of severe illness in younger people is not much different to the older. Their mortality rate is lower because they have better respiratory reserve and less co-morbidities, so tolerate the decrease in lung function better. While they might survive better, they do end up with lung damage which can take years to resolve, and may be permanent. So if you think in terms of the risk of maybe not being able to ride your bike again because of lung damage, at the morbidity rates quoted, will that change your attitude?
  8. Can this be set so that when you click on a post in "My Content" it takes you to the individual's post rather than page 1 of what might be a 1000 post thread! Don't have time to search through it for the specific post... Also if someone likes a post, clicking on the notification currently takes you to page 1 of the thread as above. I'm getting old and can't necessarily remember which post it is that you like... And if you're Hairy, how will you possibly know which of the 24 000 posts are being referred to...?
  9. Complete groupset doesn't really fall under drivetrain - not that intuitive...
  10. Also no Groupset category in Components now?
  11. Ad pictures won't load in enlarged format in Microsoft Edge ie. when you click on the picture and it is supposed to load in standalone large format. Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0
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