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  1. Cant help with model or type of tubing used but its in good condition . It might have had a respray in its life time . Love those old retro bikes .
  2. I have a pair of 105 10 spd shifter hoods (95% still good ) that you are welcome to have .They are the same shape .
  3. Bicycle Line are agents https://www.bicycleline.co.za/
  4. No thanks at that price . I have a aluminum one that i kept in my car , the water tasted metally after a few hours and it rattled like hell on the bike .
  5. Speak to Desmond at Soekoe Bicycle company in Germiston . He builds E bikes , motorized bikes and traditional frame bikes . https://soekoe.co.za/ Soekoe Bicycle Company Website Directions Save 4,815 Google reviews Bicycle store in Germiston Service options: In-store pick-up Address: Shop 1, 14 Main Rd, Fishers Hill, Germiston, 1610 Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue Phone: 072 499 6116 Appointments: soekoe.co.za
  6. Did a 60 km ride at 29 average this morning and had the same niggling pain . Ill need to visit the doctors if it continues .
  7. Surely the hose determine whether its front or back .
  8. No i did not as i followed my Physio instruction's to the T and when i started riding slowly in the first month and slowly built up my mileage .That referred pain you mention is something I've experienced before in my upper shoulder at the back . I fell badly and hurt my Rotator Cuff ( Not knowing it ) the pain was in my back but actually in the front .
  9. I rode two days without the Curve and the niggling pain was still there . So my conclusion is that its not the Curve GPS signal causing it . The pain is actually on the front of my Hip/top of leg /Groin . Were your pocket of your pants are . ( If that explains it ) . So i started checking obvious faults that can occur . This is on my MTB that i use daily for doing my Urban Sprawl . (Pavements , tar , single track or anything that i need to ride on to stay away from traffic) Tomorrow im riding my road bike so will give feed back . 1) Saddle moved down ----No 2 )Saddle moved sideways ---No 3) Cleats moved----No 4 Cranks lose ---No 5) Frame bent ---No If there are any other that i need to check please feel free to suggest them .
  10. I use a Curve GPS tracker when i ride . Ive noticed that when i have it with me in my back pocket i have a niggling pain in my left leg were the replacement joint is . i have left it at home a few times and i dont get that irritation . Am i imagining that the signal that it emits is being absorbed by the metal joint and causing this irritation or as my wife said im looking for an excuse to say i sore after my ride 🚲 .Im expecting a lot of flack and maybe humorous 😊 answers but i can take it . Lets hear from Hubbers
  11. Ride , ride ,ride that's the way to go . TIME IN THE SADDLE is what its all about .
  12. Don't ever wash/clean away the OEM's lube that is put into the chain by the manufacturer. Using a wet or dry lube is your choice but that is all that's needed during its life .
  13. Is there not a restriction on how much further than the front bumper extends something is allowed to protrude past it . Visibility will also be a problem .
  14. The product is now owned by CRC Industries .https://q20.co.za/products/ They also sponsor a MTB team . Their Q Bike dry lube is tops .
  15. A tip for those filling through the valve . Put a bit of Vaseline on the valve /O ring before inserting it again . This keeps the valve sealant free and makes for easy pumping as well .
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