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  1. thats why WP Cycling should run with all the events, they are much more efficient
  2. yeah i heard its sometime close to CTCT, so much for promoting its a Premier Seeding event but yet the seeding takes so long. I know previously, seeding use to happen every Wednesday
  3. Hi hubbers, does anyone perhaps know what this bike is worth more or less? Someone asked me but I'm a roadie so have no clue😁
  4. But lots of people bailed, doesn't that automatically push up the beta 🤪
  5. im surprised there is no Beta conversations yet
  6. Yip sounds like the same location, was a right turn. I was upset.
  7. I enjoyed the race, only the start and end of the race was cold and wet. Only one issue I had was at the one intersection, there was a massive in the puddle on a bend/turn but the Marshall's was opposite the road dodging the rain, luckily I saw the puddle in time. Other than that, I don't regret doing the race.
  8. My purchase was for r2700 before tax/duties
  9. i have made a purchase on the 5th August and received my order today from DHL (free shipping option). Awesome service from CRC
  10. If its only 1 bike, can't you drop the backs seats and put the bike in the car?
  11. I'm 4 years without smoking now and have not substituted it with anything. I actually started cycling because I gave up smoking and never looked back.
  12. If someone does not have one for you, Olympic cycles ordered one for me when I needed one.
  13. Would you buy a brand new one used 5 times and in excellent condition https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/indoor-trainers-and-accessories/467149/tact-flux-s-indoor-trainer or a brand new one, never used and not sure of the condition https://www.cyclelab.com/product/tacx-flux-s-smart-trainer
  14. True, i assumed he was asking for second hand
  15. if it must be cleaned after every ride, try wet wipes, i use that for my bike after a ride.
  16. Thanks Mark James. The next question will be then, which grinder should i get if go the AeroPress route.
  17. hi guys, i am interested in getting myself a coffee machine similarly to the Breville Barista Express (with grinder). I have tried to read through some of the pages but its overwhelming. What machine would you guys suggest, i have a budget for about R6.5 - R7k, it will be my first machine.
  18. Has anyone been following their daily sales? It happens between 12 and 2pm everyday. I have noticed that most of the items that goes on sale is the exact same price it was before, and after the sale the price remains the same.
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