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  1. This new route is going to be uphill for +-40km and then downhill for +-40km. Quite disappointed but I guess nothing we can do. Can't imagine how people must feel that have already booked accommodation in PMB...
  2. It didn't last very long... so it was damn good!
  3. A friend sent some gifts for my coffee corner back from Girona. A nice ACME cup & saucer and the best smelling coffee that I’ve ever smelt. Smells so good that I don’t even want to use it.
  4. We bought a house so I am finally able to plumb in my machine as we have designed our own kitchen. The first picture; what it looks like below the sink, second picture; the line supplied with the machine. Anyone in the know of what else is needed? I assume I can run an adaptor so there is two lines off the cold tap. I will run an in-line water filter.
  5. Impossible… Bikes are only landing in September (I think).
  6. Ryder lights have a lifetime guarantee, so if the battery dies - get your local bike shop to do a returns form with Omnico and it will get replaced. I've ridden with a few of them in the rain with no issues. Even wash my bike with the thing on sometimes. Actually, one went to the bin after my puppy found it charging. Garmin Varia/Radar works with Wahoo, if i'm not mistaken.
  7. The unit is compatible with any ANT+/Bluetooth HRM, Speed or Cadence sensor. However, your LBS should be able to order the Xoss HRM, Speed/Cadence sensor (it can be used as either, so if you want both, you'll need two units if you don't want to use the GPS Speed).
  8. Ordered last Thursday at 4pm, had a tracking number within minutes. Order arrived on Monday morning. Quick and painless.
  9. Chat to Clive @ Dura Cycles, Rob @ Saddle & Shack or Mo @ Bobby’s cycles. They should be able to assist with ride groups down the coast.
  10. Have an order from them being delivered today. Got sent a tracking number 20 minutes after I ordered, and that was close to 5pm.
  11. I've shared the details in a PM. There's an Apartmento with the same grinder available still ;-)
  12. Massive upgrade from my Breville... Bluebird Roastery - Kilimbi Lot 6.
  13. My new setup. Had a budget, almost pulled the trigger on a machine and the seller decided to sell it to his friend instead, so back to square one. Then this popped up, at a pretty good deal and couldn’t turn it down. Budget got blown out the window, but we don’t share that with the other half.
  14. Xoss G+ from your LBS, if they have an Omnico account. Allows you to sync HR & Cadence if you have those additional sensors.
  15. There were definitely more races in that time frame.
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