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  1. Hope all goes well with your appointment tomorrow lad and that treatment can start.
  2. Not a lot to say man. Been off the hub for a while and decided last night to log on and visit this thread as you are in my thoughts a lot. Been thinking about you ever since. Stay as strong as you can. We are all humbled by your attitude these past few years and we continue to hope for, believe in and care about you.
  3. 100% - Ive hardly been on since the change for that reason
  4. So I can rob your house and it’s fine if I don’t get caught there and then?
  5. My garmin workouts and my Apple Watch workouts go towards vitality points. So if I am cycling outside I use garmin and get the points that way. If I am indoors I use the apple watcj and get the points that way as Zwift doesn’t get you points. Sometimes when I cycle outside I use my Apple Watch (commuting, shopping etc) to record as there’s no point shifting the garmin every five minutes, however these days I generally forget to start the Apple Watch workout outdoors.
  6. No no no - this thread has cost me a small fortune already. Now I’m looking at a saw I’d never heard of before. My loving wife has been very patient with me, but I doubt her patience would run to another saw at this stage [emoji23].
  7. So, having bought a Makita battery brush cutter a few weeks back and loving it, I bought a Makita Battery chainsaw. I was inspired by seeing some pine trees on the side of the road that had been felled and left, so I bought the saw and went this morning to recover some wood. Brilliant saw - batteries run for about 45 mins. Used one set of batteries per trailer load.
  8. I’m going to stick one under my road bike saddle. Never been worried about these but on our new house, bikes will be stored outside in the shed.
  9. It’s fairly simple. Just follow the steps in the link I shared. If you are then still struggling let me know and I’ll get someone to send you mire info.
  10. https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216917527-Health-App-and-Strava?mobile_site=true
  11. Nothing - Dave just doesn’t like them [emoji23]
  12. You open strava, click on the link and it automatically imports it, once you’ve set it up. Literally takes about 5 seconds per workout
  13. Same over here. You need to use the workout app on the watch to get your vitality points. It only takes a moment to import the watch workouts into strava after you’ve done them. I tend to use my Garming for long rides, but the watch is also great.
  14. It’ll give you a location anywhere in the world as long as someone with an iPhone passes by it at some stage.
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