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  1. BigDL

    Medals at events

    I like my medals, I don’t have a lot, but each one holds memories for me. Prior to moving house, they hung off the bookshelf in my office at home (where nobody but myself ever spent time) and every now and again I would catch myself reflecting on what each one was. Even the medal from the 10k race at big red barn means something as it was the first official event my son did. having said that, my favourite two items on that shelf are the piece of stone on a wooden base that was given out at the end of the imfolozi mtb challenge and the beaded bracelet thing that they gave us on day 2 of Sani. I would be happy to donate for a medal and agree that locally made stuff is a better option, especially if it’s unique
  2. BigDL

    Medals at events

    Yes, but Craft Beer is a Crime. You should take that thing down instantly. 😂
  3. ****, I don’t know what to say here. I’d love to make a donation, and have been doing so through backabuddy so far, but if they are charging you to access funds, then I am reluctant to do so further through them and it’s a pain for you if I send money from here to your sa bank account. I wonder if you would be kind enough to let me cover the cost of one of you to fly to the cape and back. If you would pm me details, I can either pay the airline directly via visa or can give you my card details to make the payment. Alternatively, if you’re happy to do the paperwork, I can transfer from here to you and cover the cost that way. My (unmet) friend. Every day I think of you so many times. I hug my wife and my children harder and count my blessings. Your journey and story have made me approach so much differently and, when I get stressed, I sometimes reflect on your story and have a word with myself. Thank you for sharing your journey. You are facing that thing we fear the most; with humour, with courage, with persistence, with a focus on your wife, and with a humility that is incredible. I don’t pretend to know how you’re feeling but hope that, if I ever get the news that you have got, I can face it with similar courage. You are an example to me and I thank you for that.
  4. BigDL

    947 Ride Joburg

    Probably a one way system with masks and social distancing
  5. China - keep off the knees and use the energy to fight this thing. Everyone here is on your side and those of us who are able, are happy to help. The thing that has separated the hub from all of the other forums (at least for me) over the years, has been the community. We are all willing you / praying / hoping / believing that you will turn a corner soon and that we can celebrate your recovery as a community in the not to distant future.
  6. BigDL

    947 Ride Joburg

    Nice one - my last one was 2015 before we left in 2016. I arrive on the Friday from Ireland and will hopefully have 4 weeks of cycling in the legs after a 3.5 month hiatus. Going to also just take it slow and hope not to overheat. Super pleased that the finish isn’t in steyn city again. Counting the days of riding between now and then, but have a stag weekend in Dublin this weekend, so losing a couple of days already. Also now entered the Tour Durban the following Sunday, which should be a bit easier at lower altitude and with less hills.
  7. Hell Man, your humour in this situation continues to inspire. Let us know how we can help
  8. I'd be up for that if it's still a thing
  9. Makes sense, but I'm not not 4x4's, so it seems pointless
  10. So sorry Cois. Hopefully the time in hospital will be the best thing to get you back on track.
  11. BigDL

    Braai etiket...

    😂- the carcass of an old ewe. very strong taste, but really nice. With the stew, I put in a bit of smoked pork to balance the flavour, which worked pretty well. I’ll try the marinade and baste options this weekend. Thanks for the advice
  12. BigDL

    Braai etiket...

    Folks, just bought a very old sheep carcass (butchered). Have tried some chops (quite tough but super tasty) and made stew (awesome), but am keen to Braai the mutton in the best possible way. Any suggestions from experienced mutton Braai experts?
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