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  1. I'm in germiston and I to am looking for a riding buddy/ group this side of town... I'm trying to send you a DM but won't send for whatever reason,
  2. Try rush sports 033 346 2300 They used to supply the bike shop I work for and they had alot of products at decent prices... Hagen was my rep for Cape Town, very knowledgeable and reliable
  3. Have a look at the onza range, very capable tires... I ride Onza svelt on the rear onza canis on I the front, for long rides on hardpack ground/farm roads/jeep track I go with the svelts front and rear
  4. If only we knew then what we know now, we wouldn't have fallen for all this growing up, paying bills and responsibility bull****????????????????
  5. Only the mtb side, the winery is closed for tastings and lunches... I was last there beginning of the year and it was R25 PP if I remember correctly.. Last I heard they were open under level 3...
  6. Maybe abit further than you want to travel, but Hazendal wine farm has a kiddies pump track and a short 5km loop on thier grounds,.. They are basically across the road from kuilsriver golf club, on bottlery Road.. The winery is closed but the mtb side is open
  7. Works fine, alot of Sunday cyclists use this set up for the Argus or 94.7,.. You get so much less rolling resistance with those tires pumped to 7 bar...
  8. I second that, Mark is a great guy and knows his stuff, I lived in brakenfell and he was my preferred bike mechanic, the drive is worth it
  9. You can't turn a donkey into a race horse,.. Inspite of the drugs he was still a strong cyclists,
  10. Hahaha how embarrassing to get charged with "conspiracy to commit mass rides" ????????????
  11. Same here, I rather value other hubbers feedback,... It should be mandatory on all transactions.
  12. Any idea if perma tubes can be fitted to a double walled rim?? I used to work in a bike shop and the biggest wheel size we fitted was a 24" The bigger the single walled rims the easier it was to buckle them just by trying to fit the tube.. And was just about impossible to fit them on a double walled rim, tire kept unseating, This was 2years ago so mabe things have changed????????
  13. Besides the added weight, permatubes are expensive and correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think perma tubes can be fitted to a double walled rims,"not enough space between rim and tube",... Tubeless is the best Wat to go, Or liners and slimed tubes... There is also so debate whether or not perma tubes on big bikes do damage to the rear mech...
  14. Agreed,those things work really well, if I wasn't an overly cautious guy, I wouldnt have bothered with the slimed tubes...
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