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  1. There's also the Cannondale Habit. It's got around the same travel and a lot of fun to ride. Although I think my next bike will be the Commencal Meta TR 29.
  2. A bit late to the thread but I have one on my hardtail that I use for a bit of trail fun and some enduro riding. It soaks up all the bumps nicely. My only minor complaint is that when a rider lifts the front wheel the lowers on that fork drops a minute amount which is something you need to learn to anticipate for. But yeah, it's a very stiff fork.
  3. Dude! What a blast. Gavin and co did an excellent job this year. Cleaned the trails up really nice. No serious injuries is a win. Stage 4 was the highlight of the day though, all those big boulders for drop offs were awesome! Plus a decent amount of riders showed up as well. We're hoping for the same turnout this weekend at cascades.
  4. This is going to be a blast. So far every year at Howick has been awesome. Last year was super gnarly. This year should be a little more chilled. Either way, sounds like it's going to be loads of fun.
  5. They can be. I use the amazfit app. Sync that with Strava. And then Strava with in my case momentum's app. Google fit also works with it quite well.
  6. The watches are made by a seperate company, but they basically have the same quality as Xiaomi themselves. Xiaomi does have a local presence, try mia.africa/za that is the local site for their products and where I bought mine. It's been 3 months with it now, has slammed it while Mtb'ing into gravel, rocks, trees and loads of dit. Screen is still scratch free and the watch is working perfectly. Would recommend it.
  7. I use one. Daily, and specially for rides. Best part of I can activate cycling tracking on it and leave my phone safely in the car. Syncs with Strava without hassle. Works with Android 9. Has all the features I could want from a watch. Battery lasts about a week on average. All the stats it tracks seem quite accurate. The watch is also constantly getting updates. Plus it's comfortable and is a good quality build.
  8. Seems like it happens with a lot of these treks. Wife's one is also constantly creaking. Doubt I will buy a trek again though. Solid bikes, but not really inspiring.
  9. Good question, keen to hear on this one. I've been paying for my own replacements... Sent from my Nokia 7 plus using Tapatalk
  10. Once you do Harties let us know how it went.The comp would have been my first choice as well. How wide is the handlebar? I've grown used to my 800 wide bar now. I would probably upgrade the suspension first on that bike. Then tyres. Brakes. Should be golden after that. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  11. Just be careful with your little one on trails. I'm sure you will be, but we've had some nasty accidents here at Giba involving toddlers on bikes. About the bike, I'd say a good test for it would be the new downhill track at Harties. I've done the trail on my bike and more or less got to the bottom in one piece. The bike weighs a bit more due to the wheels. If you put normal wheels on I am sure it'll drop a bit. But you will lose the grip.
  12. Very! Still waiting to hear back from Omnico on the accident replacement warranty thing. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  13. Have done the trail many times before. And it seems like it's just one of those rules that I've forgotten. You all know the one; never stop on a wooden bridge if it's wet. In any case, I stopped because we heard people shouting ahead. Lost my balance. Fell head first into a ravine. Helmet is smashed. And I have a concussion. But I am fine otherwise. Lekker bruised, but a lesson is a lesson. If I wasn't wearing a trail lid the rocks would have slammed my neck. Safety first boys and girls. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  14. Kdo you also grow mold on surfaces as you age? Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
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