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  1. Ja mish mash of parts - some look REALLY well used - a real "slapper" (a bike slapped together with what ever you had or could find cheaply) 90K - you'd need a wake up slap if you bought it at that price for sure. I personally think 20k is too much for it. 😆
  2. What does bother me is when some of these traders unknowing to you begs and cries about please helping them and if you please can hold something etc or begs for discount with some sorry story and then since it is not a huge issue about the bit off the price or meeting halfway to nowhere you agree AND THEN they sell for a higher price the next day. Second issue is these resellers or bikeshops that sell items on here and state the condition as "hardly used" or similar lies and when you get the stuff it is in much worse condition than you expected and they are adamant the condition is how they stated. Frankly most of these have been too little value to have made huge difference about making a huge fuss or court issues etc. - schoolfees. Is the same reason I do not negotiate anymore than I feel like or not at all and further more you pay for shipping or collect and frankly I dont buy from these resellers once they re-sell items. I could name a few very famous ones on here but these days you then could have a loss of income lawsuit on your hands...
  3. BAH!! bloody heavy 25g bottle cage... Carbonworks 8g or Tune 11g 🤭 why carry all that extra weight?
  4. Amen... not saying Shimano is the solution either but SRAM brakes suck no matter what model.
  5. I think the Blur lost all appeal - No VPP - no thanks... Will keep my Blur 3 CC. Twice the bike and not at the current Covid inflated prices.
  6. 😜 And you are either a fanboy that is okay with ANY doping or you are a hater that believes all the rules are being horribly broken.🤨
  7. Look I think he is very meticulously gauging his efforts - if he was giving it B@LLS you would see it in ITT as he is usually soaked and looks like that dude from 0% bodyfat. Froome is slowly building and strengthening - the dude clearly loves the tech and knows exactly what is happening in his body and his efforts - remember how he was deemed some sort of robot or skybot or whatever the haters want to call it... he knows exactly what he is doing.
  8. Yes but the Vittoria combo is not far off the weight and they are more grippy what my experience has been - far more trail than XC Vittoria 2.35 combo in the region of 740g for Barzo and 760g for the Mezcal.
  9. I have 33mm OD 27mm ID running 2.35 perfect. If I had only 25 or 30mm id to pick from I would consider also whether the weight matters as generally the 30mm ID wheelsets end up almost 200g more but support the tyre much better and allows slightly lower pressures. If weight does not matter for you in this situation then 30mm definately. My 27mm weigh what 25mm weighs but supports like a 30mm. Well it is close... 5c
  10. get it swopped. At their cost. The courier back and forth - everything
  11. ummmm just a question but wont the shimano DA disks perform better? especially with heat - I thought they would be superior. I know you got to run what your sponsors tell you but when you have DA groupset surely...
  12. I like this particular topic of the forum. There is a lot of constructive and deconstructive criticism on here which make it highly entertaining for many many reasons.
  13. I get that also but personal trading preference and historically in my experience active forum users tend to be easier to trade with be more forthcoming with additional information and overall just more lekker plus generally have a trader rating to go on rather than a 1 hit wonder. 5c
  14. on the topic of joining groups to sell your stuff... new users posting high value items with zero post count... legit??? doubtful. and why that is allowed I do not know.
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