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  1. Have you checked out Canyon bikes? German - used by Silence Lotto - and you can only order directly from Canyon. They obviously also felt that the middel man is making everything too expensive. Canyon ship bikes to customers/clients, so they know how to pack it and charge it. Fantastic value for money. Check out www.canyon.com
  2. Yes, and we do have road closure for the Argus. But the Argus and all your other 10 000+ road races aren't really the same as the league race of today, is it?
  3. ...and that is why they can't obey rules? In every sport there are rules and you have to obey them. I do realize the racing is more hectic, bu t do it within the rules. Do you want to see a rider die before the white line rule sinks in?
  4. Ek het gehoor dat die ou en Lilo.....o nee wag....miskien moet ek nie s? nie.
  5. I know. My ego has almost recovered....
  6. I'm in no hurry to ride Killarney on Wednesdays. I did it on a Tuesday 3 weeks ago and got my a$$ handed to me on a platter.
  7. Cool!!! That looks like he's trying to fly like superman or something.
  8. 100% correct' date=' if I bought a entry I would not pay more than R100. [/quote'] You can't really expect th person parting with their Argus entry to pay R150 of the substitution fee aswell. But it doesn't sound like you're looking for an entry Skye.
  9. I'd expect the people asking for Argus entries to answer the question Willehond asked. I think it's fair, but I'm not in the buyers market.
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