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  1. I had one back in the mid 80's. Got it from Dave Street's bike shop in Joburg CBD. Fignon was the inspiration!
  2. Definitely not!! That will fall in the politics bucket..............
  3. Delgado


    The gift that keeps on giving.....................!
  4. Delgado


    Definitely not Harry Plummer
  5. Delgado


    And Beast! Corne Krige in Zambia if I recall correctly
  6. ..............mostly also come from the same rest home!
  7. Delgado


    Much like I believe the assessment of Jim Smith over a Spurs supporter. You overlooked the tidbit that our shite remains presently your best. Win something and shout from the rooftops....
  8. Delgado


    Not at all and certainly no sour grapes. So you're suggesting that the measure of success is absolutely the here and now? History is what measures success overall and in the fold I get your position....not much to compare. But hey,Harry scored from halfway in a a friendly. Deserves a trophy....oh and yeah another for turf ripping! We're the sh1ttest we've been in years and you're the best since 61 arguably and yet a solitary point separated us in the true test of league football. There's some reality for you....
  9. Delgado


    Coming from a side who hasn't won a single league title in your lifetime! Household name with nothing to show but talk........
  10. Delgado


    Not at all the same for "when the Arsenal were consistently finishing in the top four". Its been like this since the beginning of time.....
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