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  1. The amount of drivers this morning on cell phones not even seeing the cars etc in front slowing down etc is shocking.
  2. Some okes are obviously not banting or dont like banter. Sean is a great though, the only person on Instagram to have 9 accounts for the same thing.
  3. Like its kiff and a viab, but dont punt it as though you need the skills of Rampage, the fitness of LeTour and the grit of MvDP.
  4. I think it was when they kept shortening stages, dropping days etc. Then they kept banging on about the hashtag 8DAYSOFEPIC or 8 days of courage and I kept correcting them to 6.5 days of courage etc.
  5. We will ride on the day, its not wasted.
  6. Has always felt like the challenge was to survive 8 days and not poop your guts out.
  7. Sho, been sent the link to this thead three times must give it a read. One of the only platforms I am not blocked by the "Epic"
  8. ha ha, luckily we are on zero occupational rent
  9. We ended up opening up to 3 agents in the end. The one that did sell it, did some lekker photos, no show houses and cash buyer.
  10. Have not been on the Hub in a while, but our house sold. A little below asking, but well within our range. Was not the best time to sell, during a lockdown and looting. We just sorting out the transfer papers, inspections etc now.
  11. It was very strange, the only time I saw people was walking from Montagu to Ashton with torn front tyre. Rest of the day sitting in a paceline or all alone...
  12. nice try... Everyone knows it goes: 1. DC 2. One Tonner 3. 1st lap CTCT 4. 2nd lap CTCT 5. Die Wingerd fiets ry 6. Cape Cobra 7. Bay 2 Bay 8. Durbie Dash 9. 99er 10. Roller Coaster 11. West Coast Express 12. Boerkarhoet soenen fiets ry 13. Klein Joostenburg cycle ride
  13. You have over 1000 posts on the hub, you fine!
  14. At least you learned somthing. That and start faster...
  15. Entries open on Monday!
  16. All these drivers blocking the road and making my slow down and pass them... worst. They should drive on the highways where there are only cars.
  17. How did I not see this, he has gotten a lot of help from the cameras, they are checking the colour and the car type. He also needs a new IM sticker!!
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