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  1. The Bike fit things sounds like great idea, I've had a few but in my experience the fit becomes a bit subjective from the saddle to the bars, they all mostly get the pedal stroke right, but i'm yet to meet someone that can say ... with your measurements you should buy such and such frame size in said brand. Listening to the points its probably gonna be an XL, I dont want to much drop and I dont want to prop the bars up with spacers Thanks for the pointers
  2. Thanks for the input all good points ... so sounds like an XL would be the one.
  3. I'm looking at getting a Trek Top Fuel, I think I'm at the edge of Large with a saddle height set to 77cm, is there any benefit in getting a larger bike where you are considered more in the sweet spot, most try get a smaller bike because its lighter. at 185cm-6'1" i think I fit on a large any thoughts on the LargerXL frame I'm assuming more comfort due to higher stack height etc.
  4. i'm running Nobby Nix Addix versions, they are very heavy and don't roll great but they eat up the tracks especially the dusty parts of Tokai, I was using Saguaros but they wash out a bit to easy at this time of year, its always a trade off between speed and grip, you really feel the NN's on the climbs 😅
  5. Thanks for all the replies which confirms that a certain type of insanity to ride on a gravel bike in Tokai, my experience was extreme and that was only going uphill
  6. Are guys riding gravel bikes in tokai, I rode up to the boom at the top but it was quite a rough ride, if any comments please let me know. Assume you can rough it up on the jeep tracks although pretty bumpy. what sort of tyre pressure on a 42mm tyre?
  7. getting setup with the bluetooth and ANT does take some getting used to, i was fortunate to have a mate troubleshoot some of the connections. I struggled with the ANT talking to the mac, but all sorted.
  8. I was between 2 mind s of the Kickr 4 and the Core, in my opinion the Core is more than sufficient, I'm not a small guy and the unit is great. Pro's price compared to the Kickr 4 dead quiet stable folds up quite nicley Con's can't think of any except maybe not coming with a cassette. I got my unit through the Bike Park in Constantia, great price and prompt delivery. I'm using it with sufferfest and training peaks and then linked to Strava!! I'm also using my Garmin HR and a ANT dongle for the mac.
  9. Can you upgrade to 1X12 using an XT crank, I would think you could maybe you just have to change the front chain ring. currently full XT 2X11. 11-40 any idea of weight drop if any, I would have to do that XD thing on the rear hub. AC wide wheels info appreciated.
  10. wapad

    Going 1x10

    You might need to adjust the b-screw, I put the Kalbo 42 ring on and it was quite noisy, the b-screw will give you some space between the 42 and the upper RD wheel.
  11. Just on cleaning agents etc, I use my old faithful chain cleaner, and I use dirtbike wash. Its bio-degradeable and removes most grime with a light water wash it used to sell for R60 rand for 5L yes R60, amazing cleaner and then dry the chain and then Smoove. I see now dirtbike wash has increased to R180 so maybe they realized that cyclists were sneaking into the motorbike market. even when the chain looks clean the chain cleaner gizmo picks up a lot of grime etc. I use brushes on the cassette to remove the grime. On cassettes I don't think the XT cassettes come close on mileage to the SRAM ones
  12. many shops and many sales.. if you are in the cape town area, tell them what you want and see if they can meet your requirement .....shop around. you re a weekend warrior rather be comfy for your 40k ride ... spez shops put a spell on you...I know look at comparable brands Scott, Giant, Trek
  13. Giants are great all round bikes and easy to upgrade, giant will always be lighter vs an Alu Spez. if you want a stiffer bike you will have to look else where. if you looking to tackle the more trail orientated riding. between the 2 I would go Giant, I think it has a much better suspension as the same system used in a slightly longer travel Trance. I had a Giant 2010 model which is now with its 3rd owner, frame is solid, its done plenty racing with each owner. I think the camber is great but weight wise easily over 1.5 kg heavier even the carbon versions are heavy and there is a big premium on price other brands the Scott spark 2016 .. heavier but good spec with 2X11 .. although new pivot kit 1500 bucks I have a Pivot Mach 429alu.. NOW THATS A PROPER BIKE!!!
  14. no Not a weight weenie, but the apparent savings to go 1 X which for me looks like the only advantage, over the utility of 20 gear options. my point was I didn't see the need for the 11 spd cluster if I have I have a 24/36 I have decent enough wheels and my bike is 11.8 ish which for me is fine. I get your point of levers and motion etc
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