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  1. Pse wapp me tomorrow think I have one . If so it’s free. Arno zero833959038
  2. 2021 Scalpal not Scalpel with Rockshok ? And pre 2019 Lefty fork . Caveat emptor .
  3. The 5 or 6 ladies I sold ladies specific bikes to are very happy . The Silverback with 29” front and 27.5 rear wheel are good choices for ladies who are not strong athletes
  4. Short answer , do the short route . You have plenty of time to increase your distances . It will be better for your morale going forward to finish strongly possibly overtaking a few riders towards the end than finishing spent.
  5. Too old and stupid to know how to post a link but have a look at this beautiful video by Shimano . Starring a KZN trail builder and his trail dogs .
  6. With a new alloy Ocho I suppose I will have to rebuild the front wheel with the appropriate hub ? Think mine is the 50mm flange according to a previous post by you .
  7. You are making life difficult . Appreciate your input and expert knowledge thank you .
  8. Preferred option to save it not keen to spend a lot on a replacement fork not sure how long the frame will last ,
  9. The Lefty on my much loved 7 year old Flash carbon is not serviceable according to Omnico . Recorded rides 41000km . Am not going to buy another older fork only to be told again that parts have been discontinued. So my question is it possible to fit a non Lefty fork and what do I need to make it work ? Thanks Arno
  10. You will have enough left to buy this after she has taken her half..
  11. Humans are deuterostomes.That means that when they develop in the womb the anus forms before any other opening . This means that at one point a human is nothing but an asshole . Some people never develop beyond this stage
  12. Too many moons ago before there were any decent lights we were very uncool but used a bright reflective strip with Velcro around the ankles . That up and down movement made us very visible from the rear. Can’t see why it won’t still work.
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