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  1. TREK who bought/took over Gary Fisher replaced a rear triangle on a 12 year old Gary Fisher frame belonging to a customer of mine for free…
  2. Got a report that you and 1 of your sons were riding CTCT with the shirts
  3. You make me nervous brother…people hear Prince Albert has a shop and they expect a Cyclelab . But I will do my best this is boer maak n plan territory . Enjoy the Kruisrivier road . The surface of the Pass that side is super smooth but the gradient is unchanged 😇 Be careful though when you go through the 1st water crossing this side the water hides a bad pothole.
  4. I drive a white double cab Isuzu and I give cyclists 3 meters 😎
  5. I was guiding a group of 10 riders in the Tankwa Karoo 2 weeks ago . On a very badly rutted wide road in the Tankwa Park the riders were sticking to the left and right edges of the road as any mtb rider would do . Waiting for them at a badly marked turnoff a red Jeep Wrangler stopped next to me in a cloud of dust and started verbally attacking me about the fact that they were both sides of the road ( with huge space between them) .I was so dumbfounded that I could not think of anything abusive to hurl at him . We will never win.
  6. You should capitalize on your talent for writing !
  7. A simplistic 101 of Law of Contract is that the parties must agree on the item and it’s condition and when the seller accepts an offer by the prospective purchaser you have a binding contract . So I advertise an item for say 10K and someone asks “ will you take 6K ? “ Should I say yes we are still nowhere but if was offered 6K it is something to consider . Case in point I advertise a bike and get asked “ will you take “ a much lesser amount . So I respond by asking are you making an offer or are you fishing . The response is should I say yes he will research the bike then inspect it and then decide . Just decided not going to respond to any “ will you take “ messages in future.
  8. Schalk has a complete bike 0824138363
  9. Not so sure that having done a Cape Epic puts you in an exclusive club … rarely that I see a visiting rider sitting at one of our coffee shops not wearing an Epic buff . Or perhaps I missed the sale.
  10. I clearly remember riding with a friend many years ago when he asked me : are you using Strava ? Replying that I was unaware of what it was his response was: you have not lived 😇
  11. Finding all the discussions interesting . Just reading this saying came up in my mind . How do you make 5 Million Rand in a bike shop ? You start off with 10 million😎
  12. I was in the same position 4 years ago . I started a shop in Prince Albert with almost no stock offering to repair bicycles . Bought parts from other shops with sometimes a small discount sometimes not . Few suppliers were prepared to supply me even on a prepaid basis . Some of the bigger suppliers either ignored my approaches or demanded ridiculous first orders . If I was not retired from my earlier profession and having a small pension I would have been dead before I started . Got a lot of help from a shop in Oudtshoorn . Rush Sports and Silverback were extremely helpful. The big ones Omnico, Cool Heat, Cape Cycles Systems, Ryder, Paragon require huge 1st orders . I fail to understand their logic . I am a cash buyer . I am the only shop in this small town . Surely if they help me to help people to continue riding the whole industry benefits ?
  13. Drooling…. Thanks for the link
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