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  1. Hi Rockjock, there is a facebook group called PEMBI. Join them, they have GPX routes on their group for that area.
  2. 2 X 2

    The Munga 2020

    https://inthebunch.co.za/2020/10/the-munga-grit-results-hansie-joubert-wins-inaugural-event/ http://www.cyclingarchives.com/coureurfiche.php?coureurid=66842
  3. 2 X 2

    The Munga 2020

    The life tracking site shows it at about 76km
  4. I am looking for a long cage for a Shimano XT rear Derailler, it is a M781 and maybe a derailer hanger as well.
  5. Hi, I am looking for a straight steerer fork (29) that can take a disc brake (not a shock), if anyone out there has got one, I will buy it from you. Thank you.
  6. They call that one "The wall", it's a nasty bliksem
  7. 2 X 2


    the silver lining for me was that we beat Fidji twice (in the group rounds and in the final). We beat USA and we came back from behind against Samoa and Fidji (0-19) at half time. With a fight back like that we can at least move up one or two places. I think the goal is to at least be in the top 4 to qualify for world cup (group of young and new players)
  8. 2 X 2


    Excellent performance by the Blits Bokke at the Singapore 7's
  9. There is a sealant called Fugit that does not have Latex or Amonia in it. Problem is, as you say, you struggle to get the tyre to seal or attach to the rim bead. What I do is to rub some of the Latex based sealant on the tyre bead and it works fine. The Latex or Amoniac causes bubbles to form on the tyre. Had to throw away many tyres due to this.
  10. Is Enduro save to use in Maxiss tyres? According to Maxiss one should not use a sealant that contains Latex or Amoniac because it would void the warranty.
  11. It looks worse than it actually is. For those guys it will be a very flat course
  12. I don't think you will be allowed to drive up there with your car. Best way is to cycle to the Union buildings from the Vermeulen street side. Maybe park at a nearby shopping centre and ride further with your bicycle. Or park at the start finish venue in Soutpansberg weg and ride to the the Union buildings with your bike.
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