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  1. Have ridden there a few times this year. They have some great trails but the signage is not great on many of them. If it were my first time I'd stick to the "River Trail" and "The Greek Church" route as they're the most well signed. If I remember correctly that should get you about 35km. If you're looking for more distance and fun you can ride up to "Tannie Miems" which involves a very challenging climb and exhilarating descents after which you could circle round to the "River Trail", "Oom Piet" and "Greek Church" - That should get you to about 60km's, but be prepared to explore and potentially get a bit lost. They do have a trail maps on hand and the owner, Eric, is usually around to give you guidance on the various routes.
  2. Amazing feedback. Thanks for this, there are many valid points to consider here. I'm in the very early stages of planning what the podcast could look like. I also completely agree that it needs to be great quality from the beginning. There are so many alternatives out there. Thanks for the support. I'll definitely be in touch when I'm a bit further into the planning process.
  3. Thats great. I'd like to look at all aspects of cycling - road, gravel, xc, enduro and downhill.
  4. Klippies induced rants. Maybe the podcast could be sponsored by Klippies to make it more entertaining
  5. ha ha it has been a long journey for GCN to get to where they are now. Definitely not going to be easy if I go ahead with the podcast. Thanks for your help and links to the podcasts.
  6. ha ha I dig the name. I guess in some ways it could be an audio / video extension of bikehub.
  7. Very true. The podcast would still be available to listen to after the live-stream. The live-stream just adds to the interactivity for anyone who does want to listen / watch it live.
  8. I haven't heard of these ones. Thanks, I will be sure to check them out.
  9. Hi all, I've recently been given an opportunity to create a cycling podcast / video (In a studio. Think GMBN podcasts). My questions are: Would any of you be willing to listen to a South African cycling podcast?If so, what content would you like to hear / see on the podcast? I know there are a lot of other alternative podcasts and videos out there. I think this could be different, have a South African focus and be interactive. Some ideas I've had for the show: Expert interviews with SA's pro's, coaches, shop / brand owners.Race previews and post race reports.Nutrition and training advice.Local trail features / discussions / highlights.I believe the live-stream aspect can make the show very interactive and engaging. Viewers can ask questions and interact with guests on the show. It could become a platform for cyclists to engage with the industry, give feedback, etc. Would love to hear your thoughts. Darren
  10. Definitely not racing or even competitive in xco or marathon. I do like pushing myself and seeing how well I can do it marathon though. Thanks for the insight. Will probably go with 2.3. I’ve got a crossmark 2.1 on at the moment. Anything should be better than that ????
  11. Looking at buying a new rear tyre for my MTB (Giant Anthem 29er 2018). I ride mostly Marathon and trail and like some techy features too. I currently have a Spez Ground Control GRID 2.3 up front and was looking at the Spez FastTrak to match. Problem is they only come in 2.1 or 2.3 widths. Will a 2.3 wide tyre slow me down at all on longer marathon rides? The 2.1 just seems so narrow. And is it worth going GRID casing opposed to the Control casing that’s cheaper and lighter as far as I understand?
  12. Thanks for the info. I've emailed Jetline as I didn't receive the original email from them
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