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  1. So just an update. After sending him an alarming number of messages and questions he has "accepted the offer and paid" apparently. I guess I'm supposed to expect a message from Bike hub that there's a payment for me and I can continue with the shipment. But yes all indications are that this is still a scam. Even if the proposed payment method was bike hub pay, he would've fallen short in the end, and I'd be safe
  2. Like to hear your thoughts, scam or not? Looks a lot like the "I'm in Ghana but the bike is for my brother...etc". Except he wants to use bike hub pay. So I guess the real question is, how does bike hub pay safeguard me from being scammed in this instance? "Hello I am actually in dubai But I have a person whome I know in Durban you can courier it to him and he will pay the cash using bike hub pay method since I am shipping it through sea is it possible to get a bicycle specific package from a local bike shop and pack it and send so that it doesn’t get damaged in the sea shipping. I tried getting a package in Durban but couldn’t find any please only if it’s packed the bike can be transported"
  3. Hey, I noticed my cashbacks were being paid directly to my Discovery Miles in April, instead of as cash into my bank account
  4. R32,000 https://www.cyclelab.com/product/cannondale-super6-evo-carbon-race-bike-black
  5. I think the race could have done with some better organizing though. Seeding was bit of a mess. A friend of mine was seeded in the B-bunch after getting second place in the A-bunch for the same race last year. I, entered on the line and could choose in which group I wanted to start, which evidently caused some slower inexperienced riders to cause some problems in the higher start groups. I also lost my water bottle in the first part of the race, and was met with an un-manned water point on the 55km mark. Despite the rain, wind and solo time trialling the race was still great though. Just think the organizers need to be made aware of some of the issues of Friday.
  6. Are there any cyclists out there doing the race that can help me with a lift to the start of the 3rd stage on Saturday morning?
  7. With more entries, are the more transport available to and from stages? I am desperately looking for a lift opportunity to the start of the 3rd stage only and race organizers have not been able to help me as yet.
  8. Hi, I am only doing the 3rd stage of the Jock this year and I am looking for transport from the start of the race to the start of the 3rd stage. If there is anyone I can get a lift from, please PM me. I was only notified today by the race organizers that there are no more transport available (after trying to get hold of them for the last week or so)
  9. The guy who finished 9th from the C group is actually the guy who won the race and sparked the whole debacle. I know him very well, and he is an avid and accomplished cyclist on road,track and mtb. Maybe the only difference on the day between him and Knox was the fact that Knox was misguided. But to bend the rules a little because they are pro's, mmmmm.. any cyclist competitive or not will tell you there will be problems.
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