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  1. Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a place to sell Lego, or is gumtree the best bet? I bought a big set to keep me occupied during lockdown, but a bit over it again. Thanks!
  2. Anybody going to the informational evening at Ciovita tonight?
  3. I joined the challenge. It's going to be tough for me to get anywhere in contention though because my commute is a whopping 9km one way. And I've only done it once so far this year, but will try to be more consistent with it from next week.
  4. Some really good advice here, thanks guys. And well done @blondeonabike
  5. Maybe I need to hit you up then for when you guys go riding again, after world fun ride champs of course. My mountain biking skills have taken a nose dive with all the road cycling I've been doing lately
  6. At least it makes for a good story
  7. That makes sense, I think part of the heebie jeebies comes in with the fact of how to meet guys... And the only thing that comes easily to mind is online dating, and the idea of sifting through garbage/lies/dick pics to get to some gem is very off-putting
  8. 'Sup Myles! I was just wondering because I want to meet people again, but the thought of dating is giving me the heebie jeebies
  9. Just out of curiousity, how long did it take you guys to start dating again after your divorce?
  10. That's really sad news. RIP Condolences to his family and friends.
  11. So this is where that all important transportation engineering I've been touting comes in to play. The formula/concept is stopping sight distance. When you see an obstacle, you don't immediately stop, you see the obstacle, you need to comprehend it, and then only will you start applying brakes. The average reaction time used is 2.5 seconds - some people are obviously faster. So for a car travelling at 70km/hr, the distance is 104m https://comparativegeometrics.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/basic-formula-for-stopping-sight-distance-2/
  12. so to Cap and Geronimo, I agree with you on all accounts. But there is a reason why there is a faction in engineering called Transportation Engineering. People are inherently stupid in general and there are general guidelines set forth for road users to make informed decisions when approaching an intersection or any other geometric designs that are prevalent in today's road infrastructure. If these guidelines aren't followed, then accidents can and will happen.
  13. That section of the road looks like a typical T-junction. I've been guilty of running the red light there because I was going too fast to brake and didn't realise there's a road to the left as well. And I have disk brakes. I checked google maps and there is signage up showing a full intersection, but it's relatively far from the intersection itself, so not easy to make an informed decision while in a car, nevermind on a bike that doesn't always look for signage that far ahead. The driveway is hidden by a bush, so the sight distance is also not on par with transportation engineering typical guidelines. Not only should the driver be able to see conflicting traffic, but the traffic crossing the intersection should also be able to note a vehicle. It was clearly an accident that could have happened to anyone. But I would like to hope that the intersection itself would be improved to have adequate signage and road markings in place that everyone is aware of the hidden drive.
  14. Google is your friend: https://www.tripsavvy.com/vancouver-december-weather-and-event-guide-1481897 Looks like you'll be able to ride
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