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  1. Sorry I'm only replying now. Just want to say thanks to all the commnets and advise , really appreciate it. Things have got back to normal, so I put it down to meds potentailly (antibiotics). Thanks again.
  2. Cant be the battery, I'm getting the same readings off another hr monitor. Ive checked settings etc... also all good. I expected to lose some fitness but not to that extent. Just a bout of flu, nothing crazy. Gonna persevere for anothewr week and see what happens. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Hi, I'm sure this topic or similar topics have been posted but I couldn't find anything. My max heart rate is 172 bpm. Recently I was ill for a 2 week period. I started riding again and ever since I was ill I cannot get anywhere near my max. Right now 145bpm is the best I can do yet my speed etc... over the same distances I have done in the past hasnt change at all. Could 2 weeks off the bike really be the reason? Any advise would be appreciated.
  4. I often ride that section on my "pat malone" Wont be venturing there again. Seems like nowhere is safe anymore. I considered Spruit one the safest...
  5. Hi All, I have a friend who needs to have their wheels trued. Most cycling stores offer this service but he and I are a little sceptical of some of the stores. Simple tasks are not done properly for example.Without costing an absolute fortune, could any fellow hubbers offer some advise as to which store has a good reputation in this regard.
  6. Sad sad news. Condolences to the family. RIP!!!!!
  7. **** that's terrible. Thanks for the sad info.
  8. Hi All, I've just heard some disturbing news that a cyclist has died on the Spruit yesterday. Can any one confirm this? I hope its not true.
  9. Hi Fellow Hubbers, Due to business constraints I have not been able to train for the 94.7 road cycle challenge this year. Is it still possible to finish the race considering?
  10. This for one customer!!!!! Does his spend warrant possible action taken against you and your reputation? I think not.
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