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  1. How does the CTCT substitution work? Online it says that it is closed?
  2. Hi guys. Doing my 1st Epic and need some advice. I’m spending 3 days in Durbanville area mid December. The plan is to do as much of the route as possible. I’m familiar with the Wellington trails, but not at all with Ceres and Tulbagh. Any advice on how to spend the 3 days? I was thinking 1 day in Ceres, then 2nd day in Tulbagh and 3rd in Wellington. Or potentially combine Ceres and Tulbagh in one day which would give us an extra day to have a good technical ride in Durbanville. Thanks!
  3. Hi there. I need some advice on roof racks. Which crossbars would you suggest and which bike racks would you suggest for the roof rack? The question is probably a bit broad, but I want to spend as little as possible for decent quality. Second question, where can I buy them (either new or second hand). Thanks
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