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  1. So I am trying the single bottle feed system from 32GI. Using the racepro you basically add your whole race/ride carbs requirement in a single bottle. This mixture does get a bit thick (up to 12 scoops in a single 750ml bottle) but it is actually still drinkable (Choc flavour). The other bottles is just a hydration drink with electrolytes and no carbs which is consumed according to thirst. This method is more simple for me, as I do not have to keep count of all the bars and gels and bottles I need to consume each hour. Main reason for trying this, is that I was really struggling with the gut training to absorb all the different types of carbs. Especially during high intensity rides. I always had a burning stomach towards the end of my rides. Anyway, i am tying this method and hope it works. In no way sponsored or affiliated to 32GI.
  2. I am in exactly the same situation. Also have a sedan without a tow bar, and the strap on bike rack just irritates the hell out of me. It scratches my car, takes too long to load the bicycle to prevent damage to the bike, plus once the bicycle is loaded, I cannot access my boot. (The last point is very irritating since I have 2 young girls who always need something from the boot... Also noted that with the bicycle behind the sedan using the strap on rack, the fuel efficiency drops dramatically. So my options are: 1. Buy towbar and rack with tilt function 2. Roof rack.
  3. Did Nino ride the short track race?
  4. W@nted


    I think I will pull the trigger on the Vye Velo. If I wear a medium on the Ciovita Corsa 2, is it safe to order a medium Vye Velo?
  5. W@nted


    I think I will try the vye bibs next. Do you also prefer the velo? Sizing the same as ciovita?
  6. W@nted


    They should fit firm everywhere, but not cutting blood flow firm. You do not want loose moving parts, especially on your crotch and inner upper leg, as that is where the chafing will hurt you
  7. W@nted


    That is great that you will be able to fit them👌🏻 Bibs are great, just remember to take your pre ride dump before putting the bibs and shirt on…Otherwise you will have to undress again😂
  8. W@nted


    Hahaha, great response. I am male and identify as male😂
  9. W@nted


    I can also recommend the ciovita corsa bibs. Great value. Great fit, although the corsa 2 fit is more “snug” than the original corsa. My original corsa bibs are now getting tired after 3 years of riding. Many km’s
  10. W@nted


    On the vye cycling bib. Which one would you recommend? Velo or corta on their website. Also, is their sizing similar to ciovita?
  11. Anyone here running zwift on the 2021 apple tv? Have zwift updated the graphics profile to include shadows? I am in the market for a apple tv, just want to know if it is worth it to buy the new one.
  12. Entries were sold out a few months ago
  13. W@nted

    Attakwas 2021

    Haha I did some calcs…I will leave the mudfest riding for the pros… Wrecking a new XX1 drivetrain will end up costing around R75 per km (just drivetrain, no suspension seals, pivot bearings or BB)…Too much for my wallet!
  14. W@nted

    Attakwas 2021

    Still raining in George...
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