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  1. Had my one bike's rear wheel done yesterday for R150 at Cycle4Life next to the Caltex on Orange. Is this the general going rate? Where do people take their bikes to be serviced in the Cape Town City Bowl area?
  2. Thanks Hope my local Spar still has one!
  3. Where can I find a booklet summarising the TDF routes?
  4. I want to organise a group buy for nuts in CT: Nuts make great snacks and treats (you should try making your own marzipan or macadamia nut butter!), but retail prices are a ripper. Think >R240/kg almonds and then they are also rancid (even from WW!). So the plan is to go to a wholesaler and get something cheaper and hopefully fresher as it won't have been in transit and on shelves for as long as the retail goods. Empire Trading have offered to sell to me as long as I order more than R1.5k. Please let me know if you know of a place that has better quality/prices! These are some of their prices per kg. I added VAT and the prices didn't strike me as that amazing for wholesale: ALMONDS CSSR RAW 131.10 COCONUT FLAKES 57.00 Dried CRANBERRIE 64.98 HAZELNUTS 176.70 MACADAMIAS RAW 117.42 PECAN HALVES 159.60 WALNUTS 174.42 PUMPKIN SEED 78.66
  5. Hey An3! Got it from PnP Hyper in Ottery (Western Cape). Highly recommend keeping eye out for the ox neck - tastes much better than venison broth and it's great value!
  6. Anybody looking to make bone broth should try ox neck. Got 3.5kg at PnP on Friday @ R28/kg. Enough to fill my 7 litre pressure cooker.. There was a surprisingly good amount of meat on the bones. Added spices and red wine vinegar and let it simmer for most of the day. Stew was delicious and congealed to a thick jelly in the fridge. If your broth doesn't congeal then consider adding more bones(or longer cooking times) or less water. You can reuse the bones until they are soft (I made two batches and both congealed). Enjoy
  7. Some Vidas use real cream. But I've also had the misfortune of the vegetable oil version. Good coffee ruined with margarine taste!
  8. Anyone here experiment with adding salt to their coconut oil? Salted butter lasts longer than unsalted, so I've tried it and the taste is improved (shelf-life hopefully also). Trick is to do it when the coconut oil is liquid or you'll find yourself chewing on some salt rocks LMAO. Great to see so many people contributing!
  9. PnP had the odd special on Kerrgold last year for about R50/500gr. The cheapest you'll find Kerrygold is the 250gr packs that PnP was selling for R32.99 less 10% Smart Shopper discount (special is off atm, but PnP usually brings back Kerrygold deals). I've decided to stick to cheaper butter, as it's sometimes possible to get it at R20/500gr on special at PnP. Don't forget that Kerrygold could possibly be sending their inferior winter product which isn't strictly grassfed and probably tastes different to SA, in which case you might be paying extra for a placebo effect.
  10. Will test ride unicycle sometime this week if get off work early enough Will report back.
  11. I recently started going to work and back by train (MetroPlus) as Cape Town traffic sucks donkey dong. Only problem is the 40 minute walk to the station and CBD side I need another 10 minutes to get to work. Saw a guy with a fold-up bicycle on the train today and got thinking what's my best bet for a pedal ride I can take onto the train? So far thought of: Unicycle (Crown Cycles have a nice-looking one for <R1k) BMX bike (<R1k) Fold-up bike (R?k) The unicycle seems the most convenient and least likely to get stolen (unless I park it too close to the circus!). BMX bike is small and hopefully cheap enough not to attract thieves. Fold-up bikes are expensive and probably more likely to get stolen.
  12. Bulletproof coffee mostly. Been enjoying it with green tea. Can make macadamia butter and other LCHF goodies with it.
  13. Dustorbust collected 9 litres today (thanks and enjoy ) Still have at least 11 litres of VCO left for anyone crazy enough about VCO to come collect early tomorrow morning. Oh8four three72 ten14 for address.
  14. VCO update I finally received a clean 25 litre container through BigFoot - this after Skynet smashed three containers in a row! Leaving for CPT tomorrow afternoon, so contact me via cell to collect either tonight between 21:00 and 23:30 or tomorrow morning between 05:00 and 06:30. My cell is 08four threeseventwo ten14.
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